The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, May 15th

Blossom Goodchild

May 15th, 2016

Blossom: As soon as I tuned in today, I knew The Federation Of Light wished to speak. Here it is.



The Federation of Light: And so Dearest Friends, we are ready to begin this communication via the lady Blossom … in order for our FEELINGS, translated into thought form, to be offered to you this day.

First of all, may we request that you take a few deeper breathes … in order to become closer to the Vibration that resides within you … that  allows easier receptive nodes to pick up on the Energy and frequency of the Vibration in which we choose to come through.

This therefore, shall allow you to switch off from that which you know as your ‘normality’ and switch on to that which is unknown to you as your ‘normality’ … which should be in fact ‘The norm’.

Tune in to a Higher Frequency as you listen to our words. Perhaps, close your eyes and focus upon your Heart space and imagine it is swirling like a vortex. Opening up … taking you in … through time … into a space deep within yourselves.

FEEL the warmth. FEEL the Love there. Experience the security. A place to escape to is it not from the world in which you reside? So full of business. Allowing no time … unless one chooses … to make time … to come to this sacred place within your Being.


Does this put a smile upon your face? Does this make you beam from ear to ear? As you FEEL this warmth … you experience Light. The Whitest Light filling the space behind your eyes. Filling your entire physicality … with the warmest Brightest White Light … and within this space we ask you a question.

What is it that you came here to do? Do not expect immediately to hear or see visually an answer. Just hear our question. Why did you choose to experience Planet Earth at this wondrous, special time of its evolving? Why did you choose to come?

Hear not an answer. Yet, FEEL the White Light brightening even more … expanding even further, so that it breaks through your physical Being … yet, remains anchored within you and it spreads like the sunshine … as a cloud removes itself … allowing the sun to break through and shine EVERYWHERE.

Experience this in this moment NOW. Let the cloud lift from your Being and let the Light that you are shine EVERYWHERE … To EVERYONE … To EVERYTHING … and as you do so … Smile, Smile, Smile!


So simple. So effective.

This is why you came. This is what to do.

This is how you fulfil your purpose.

This is how you accomplish your mission.

It is not everyone’s role to be in the limelight … to be known by the public eye. But it is everyone’s role to smile and shine their Light at all times. So that it becomes not a conscious effort but a natural one.


And when you find yourself back behind the clouds … recognise this … and blow the cloud away. For YOU are in control. YOU have more Power over anything. YOU … YOU have control. You have the Greatest Power within you to bring about anything that you desire.

With respect we would say … that to think otherwise is merely an excuse.


There is nothing, Dearest Souls, that cannot be accomplished by you when you make that choice.

How blessed. How privileged. How honoured. How Loved you are. Are you not?

And as a little side line we would state … that by projecting out this Love … this Light that you are … from within the deepest place of your Being … you are recognising … you are presenting to yourself the Greatest Love FOR yourself.




Nothing tops it.

Not even winning your lottery. Nothing can top this FEEING of the Highest, Deepest, Strongest, Purest connection with YOUR SOURCE … of which is the Highest, Purest, Strongest, Lightest experience of Love.


You cannot escape it should you desire. Yet, why would you?






and watch Dearest Souls ….experience then as you do this … as you make this part of EVERYTHING that you are … of EVERYTHING that you do … watch … watch your world become that which you are asking it to be. To merge with the Light that you are. So, that everything you experience is of that same Highest Vibration that you have chosen to become … to be in.

Everything you touch. Everything you feel. Everyone you meet. Everything you see. All that you hear … will be of this Highest Vibration … through your choice … do you see?

Do not put blame on others that you think are perhaps in control … And that you can do nothing about it. You FEEL helpless. You FEEL put upon. You FEEL as if their control is in their hands … not yours. You are wrong to think this way. You are misled. You are misguided … perhaps we would say.

For all you need do is shine your light in the strongest way that you are able … in order to bring YOUR world into the place that you desire it to be.

Simple. Simple. Simple. Yet, you choose to make it so complex at times, do you not?

Imagine … imagine Dearest Ones … Each Soul cottoning on to this idea and putting it into action. When you wake up in the New Dawn, if this were so, your New World would be there.






And the Greatest Happiness beyond that which you have felt …

Your choice, Dearest Ones. Your choice.

To be or not to be? That is the question.

Our Love is always a part of you. For we are One.

End of session.

HAPPY HUMAN DAY . July 20th . Wanna be in my video?

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

Website: Blossom Goodchild


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