Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, February 12th

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

The Galactic Federation of Light
February 12 2016

3 hrs ·
Know that in choosing to judge others, you demonstrate that you have already judged yourself. All aspects of self exist as one reflection of the one. In so doing,  you are merely displaying your unreadiness to ascend within the higher realms. 

3 hrs ·

It is important to know that as this ascension is an individual process, you will ascend alone, as an individual being. You cannot ascend if you feel responsible for the salvation or ascension of other people; neither can you ascend if you feel the need to judge, condemn, or put down any other being.


3 hrs ·As there exists no room for judgements on the ascension path, know that those who still hold onto judgements of others are just projecting self judgment and dissatisfaction of themselves. In choosing to judge others, this then interrupts the ascension energy spiral within a higher frequency of being. As long as one holds onto negativity from the lower ego mind, you can then see the unlikeliness of ascending, as judgements exist from fear, and fear is not allowed within the 5th dimension.

As the heart only exists in unconditional love, when you judge others, you can then see that this is not coming from a place of compassion or understanding within the heart. Opinions without awareness is the same as judging someone, which is just a projection of self judgement. The only way one can accelerate beyond this state of consciousness in order to lock into the ascension spiral is to fully embrace an open heart, without trial and error, but unconditional love.

The essential realization here is that Christ consciousness is designed to maintain Oneness between the Creator and its Creation. There is no division within this state of awareness. As human beings choose to entertain judgements instead of unconditional love; this creates division based on the consciousness of duality. Christ consciousness does not see reality based on the filters of human dualistic value and the analytic mind.


13 hrs ·

The Light continues to raise the Earth more within ascended realms, lifting the illusory Veil of separation and fear which humanity has experienced for 13.000 years, since the the fall of Atlantis. The cabal had manipulated human DNA through Electromagnetic suppression devices placed over the mind, to keep the soul from evolving within Oneness.

With the incoming photonic light reintegrating and restoring this DNA distortion from cabal manipulations, the lifting of the veil of illusion will help assist many Light workers and humanity to awaken to their Cosmic origins and realign to their conscious memories of the Higher realms.

Upon the Earth’s transition within the Galactic core, all Volunteer Souls of Light will experience a wonderful Awakening of their Missions on the planet. All the darkness on the surface will be dissolved and transmuted to allow only unconditional love to exist, as the earth will have fully merged within Unity Consciousnes.


14 hrs · 

Know that upon our mass decloaking of millions of Merkabah Lightships of the Intergalactic Confederation of Planets, events will follow to begin what is called “First Contact.” Truth of all cabal activities will be revealed, to include the truth to this holographic illusion, the origins of humanity, the truth behind the manifestation and existence of the cosmos, other civilizations and the reason behind why we have come to your world at this time. As we commence forth, proceeding with the enclosing of this transition, the start of Worldwide Evacuation will begin to take place.

16 hrs


You are in the final count down.

16 hrs · 

It is important to know that, we of the Angelic Realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light, are now in place within your atmosphere to reveal more of our craft to surface humanity.  We have now been decloaking our fleets in numbers where many on your world have been witnessing this and capturing such phenomenal on video and photographs.

Our galactic fleets of the many councils and the Ashtar command, are all in direct service to the Creator, and are under the command of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda, where Sananda is aboard our great mother ship the New jerusalem in this moment, which is just within Gaia’s orbit.

Know that in my communication with Commander Ashtar, I was then told that Master Sananda has organized a placement for all those choosing to ascend in this now. He will direct all evacuation and transition activities of Earth’s final polar shift into the Galactic core within zero point consciousness.

All Fleets within our Intergalactic Command are under the administrative office of the Christ, under the leadership of Lord Sananda.  For the purposes of the evacuation, all will be taken and placed within the Hollow Inner Earth. Commander Ashtar has also mentioned to his hand on this mission, plans have been put in operation to make this transition gentle, and workable for those who will choose to comply and work with us. Every being will be given a fair chance to ascend, if they so choose to.