Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, 13 februari


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be challenges in your life. There will always be “interruptions” to your plans. There will always be the mundane details of life that seem to distract you from your goals and dreams. You, however, are given power and authority over your time, your spirit, and therefore the energy that you put out to the universe. Will you be a transmitter of peace or chaos? Disbelief or faith? Victimization or radiant power? It is up to you.

When “life” seems to get in the way of the life you want to live, stop. Ask yourself, “Is it absolutely necessary that I handle this interruption, this challenge, this distraction right here and right now?” Many of you would automatically say, “Yes! I must.” Ask yourself once again… “Must I really handle this now? Or is my heart telling me there is something more important in the moment?”

Your culture has become very fast paced and interrupt driven. Urgency is built into the culture. Nonetheless, we in the heavens know that you have eternity to experience everything your heart and soul might desire. There is no such thing as urgency in the heavens. There is only one blessed and holy “now” and “now’ again.

Say you wake up and want to work on a project near and dear to your heart. You want to play with your children, read a book, create something, work on a business, get your home organized, file your recipes, or whatever it is that you wish to get done. Suddenly the phone rings. Your rush to answer it, you find out someone is in need. Now you think you must drop all your plans and rush to the rescue. Or suppose you are in the middle of your project and you discover something is broken and needs to be fixed. Or you suddenly remember you promised to do something else at this very moment. What do you do in each of these cases?

Well dear ones, you have choice. If the phone rings you can pick it up, or not. If you know someone is dying, you might want to pick it up! However in most cases you can simply take a moment and ask, “Do I feel like answering now or do I feel like proceeding with my project?” Maybe you will miss the call as you check into your own heart. Trust that. You will have time to check in with your heart’s guidance and you can always call back. Trust your heart. Trust it knows what is best for all souls involved.

Say that something breaks. Do you need it repaired right now in order to continue on with your life? If not ask your heart to tell you when to get it handled. Say that you remember you had promised to do something for someone else. You forgot… perhaps God had other plans. Can you call, apologize and reschedule, or do you feel like redirecting your day?

These are simple examples, but your life is built upon these small choices. These small choices add up to a larger experience of life. Drop into your hearts dear ones. If there is something you wan to accomplish trust that you may be guided to ignore “interruptions” unless those very “interruptions” can help you get in the right energy or receive the right help to achieve your intended goals.

Ultimately there is only one goal… to love your life! The heart will always guide you to love. Trust it. And from now on, consider “interruptions” to be chances to listen to your own heart and make choices in alignment with your soul.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels