Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, February 5-7, 2016

February 7 at 4:52pm ·

Know that our main headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light for the MilkyWay galaxy is located in the Sirius star system, Where in traveling here to Earth, all the way from Sirius, to incarnate into a human body in order to raise the Earth from lower densities, I then traveled through the Central Sun, using this portal as a stargate to reach this plane, in order to write these transmissions for your ascension within the higher dimensions, into unity consciousness as an Angelic Galactic Hue-man, within a hyper space existence of highly evolved beings.

February 7 at 4:23pm

It is important to know that as we come to the foreclosure of global disclosure and final contact with humanity, a formidable event will proceed to take place before this, in which we ask of you not to give any fear into as, there is nothing to fear. This event, or phenomenon, will be the transitioning of the Xanterex biosphere into your solar system near your Earth’s orbit. This is known by many as Planet-X which was recognized and assessed by your conventional scientists as a red dwarf star, or debris from a planet that collided with a comet. This was said to have major implications for the Earth, upon its cycle that takes place once every 3,600 years.

This event will take place peacefully and harmoniously without any destructiveness in the process, where everyone on the surface will witness this. Following this event, mass decloakings will then proceed in order. You will see our light ships dancing together in geometric formations, sending love on the surface.

You will notice, as it has before been mentioned on these transmissions, that this biosphere, known as Nibiru, is not a planet, but a mothership belonging to who we are, of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. This consists of many diverse races from various civilizations within the cosmos whose role is of a traveling Galactic Management Crew working on missions to assist planets within the Milky Way Galaxy to maintain peace and negotiate alliances with other worlds within the Galactic Federation and assisting new and incoming members.

February 7 at 3:25pm ·

In now existing for over 4.5 million years in linear time, who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light consist of a large organization of beings from highly advanced and evolved civiizations within the cosmos, from a vast network of constellations, planets, galaxies and parallel universe’s within the multiverse. The Galactic Federation of Light was formed as a means to maintain peace and harmony within the multiverse and all parallel universe’s within this vast network of life. As we exist throughout the vast cosmos, there is a Galactic Federation within every inhabited galaxy of our universe. These Federations are part of a divine universal management structure that serves to maintain peace and balance within the cosmos.

As who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of Galactic Federation of Light work to serve and protect all sentient life within the cosmos. Each civilization, planet and race is represented by a council within the Galactic Federation of Light. These councils all uphold responsibilities to their unique abilities of advancement, varying in size, depending on how large or small the population. These responsibilities are given, according to the divine structure of the Galactic Federation. We now currently have over 250.000 civilizations who are part of the Galactic Federation of Light with small and major populations varying from trillions of light beings.

We are now on Earth to welcome humanity back into the Galactic Federation of Light as the Earth is integrated and ascends back into the higher realms within a high frequency. As we come to meet you on your surface, you will instantly recognize the unconditional love in which we come; therefore releasing all fear within a greater awareness of our mission on your world. We do indeed have much to share with you. Our Sirian and Pleiadian councils will proceed to be those who will be representing the entire councils of the Federation, speaking as one divine voice as to our purpose here. We look forward to this divine co-creation as this time of magnanimous revelations unfolds.

February 5 at 11:34pm ·

Know that you are in truth the energy in which you call God.

Where in deeply connecting with this essence of being merely comes, daily cultivating inner stillness from the lower ego mind that creates the illusion of separation; embracing appreciation, being kind, living in gratitude, forgiveness and fully embracing unconditional love as the foundation of all that exists without limitation.

February 5 at 11:22pm ·

Focus on not seeking for unconditional love outside, but more on bringing this reality into your life by simply embracing this essence of being within.

Know that the sacred heart space is your doorway within a higher conscious awareness. By embracing inner peace, this then aligns and harmonizes your life force energy which then balances and activates all 12 chakras to awaken the kundalini energy dormant below the root chakra. This energy then rises in an upward spiral to the crown chakra, into your Christed state of being as Source.

This is where one is then open to all existing dimensional planes of experience where only Oneness exists within this state of being. In this state of consciousness all dormant abilities then become fully active. The nature of light resonating within one’s aura and through consciousness also allows one the ability for direct interaction with benevolant higher dimensional beings and to travel to other planets within the cosmos at will.