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The God of the Oceans via Ann Dahlberg, January 19, 2019

The God of the Oceans

January 19, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am the God of the Oceans and I ask for some attention today. There is much that is happening on and in the oceans today. Some of it is good and some not so good. There are many families that have come together in the deep of the Oceans in order to get help to problem that has developed regarding the pollution that the oceans have been hit with. The pollution impacts the rich flora that the oceans always have consisted of and it also impacts the health of your Mother Earth.

In a body clean water is needed – I think you all understand this. What you might not understand is that you expose your Earth to ill health when you pollute her waters. It really should not be so difficult to understand. This should really be obvious. Or you might believe that she is not a living being, but how can then everything live on her? Nothing grows on dead things – you accept this. How come then that you pollute the waters on the Earth you live on? You are a part of it and live off its water and fruits. This can be a little more difficult to understand. I try to understand, but I find it hard to understand why you are not more careful with your waters. It is both yours and Mother Earth’s waters as you live on her. I would suggest that you rethink and think hard about how you treat the waters that exist on Mother Earth, regardless of if it is lakes, rivers or oceans.

All waters are important for all inhabitants on Earth. Nobody can live here without drinking these waters. You have the technology – use it. Put your resources on restoring water so that it becomes inhabitable and drinkable for everybody. You are a part of us. Your body consists to a large degree of water. We need you and you need us. Let us make powerful efforts to again let the oceans be the cleaning power that you as well as Earth needs. We do our job and you do your job and we will soon have a large healthy ocean where different spices again can thrive. The same is of course true for all of your tracts of water, swamps, creeks and lakes. All the water is important regardless of where you are on Earth.

I hope that I with these words will give you something to think about so that you are more careful with how you handle the water that you together with many others are dependent on.

I am the God of the Oceans and I hope that this short message goes straight into your hearts and that each one of you does what you can to help with keeping our water as clean as possible.

I give thanks to all who do and have done their best to clean the water in our lakes and oceans. I hope and think that your work can influence others to see and understand what needs to be done for you to get a rich an healthy life on Earth.

I and my fellow beings send you love so that you again will let love guide your actions.

I am the God of the Oceans.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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