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The High Council of the Pleiades via Inger Noren regarding Disclosures, July 10th, 2021

The High Council of the Pleiades via Inger Noren, July 10th, 2021


It is with great pleasure that we can tell you that now is finally the time to go come with the disclosures that so many have been waiting for. With these difficult but absolutely necessary decisions to come out with disclosures that will shock most of the population and make those who are still sleeping deeply wake up from the illusion and to see the true reality.

After much work and much deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to wait. Even the light workers will be shocked by this brutality and total lack of empathy and compassion for the population. These revelations will be published in the media in the coming days and it is the biggest and most serious message that we give out to the population in the first place, but more will follow. This will lead to great difficulties and many do not know how to relate to their faith when it comes to the government they have chosen for themselves and for the good of the country. To be so totally surprised by these lies and manipulative can be too much for many and the light workers have a big task ahead of them to try to calm many people by explaining what is happening on Earth and in the Universe.

Most of the population has no idea what is happening to the Earth and has not understood or did not want to understand what this shutdown has meant for the entire Universe. These people will not follow the ascension because they need to continue in the lower vibration until they have developed and are ready for the ascension. There are also those who do not want to believe in this shift for the Earth and still want to live within their comfort zone. It is their choice and no one can question it because it is their soul that has decided that they need more time to develop spiritually for an ascension to a higher vibration.

In the next few days, extremely strong energies will be sent to Earth and we ask the people who are aware and awake about what is happening to really try to absorb these energies even if they are very strong and they may feel like you are being pressed to the ground. . It is important to try to survive and not give up because of the effort of living in these energies. Our Lord wants you to be convinced of concentrating on survival and joining the ascension. It is a critical time regarding where we stand in our spirituality and vibration and many are very tired after a lot of work for the Universe but also for the people. The way we have treated our fellow human beings shows what vibration one is in spiritually.

It will be a troubled time and we have talked about it before, but this time it will be much more serious. It can be a difficult crisis in the form of food shortages or lack of money due to grocery stores closing and even banks. Be prepared people, soon there may be a wave of disclosures that do not give peace but require your attention to what you need to cope with for some time. Still, rest assured that this time was predetermined and with all these messages and warnings that have gone out in the media and other channels, it should not be something new for most people. The earth is in a shift to a higher dimension and this means that many people will follow in this ascension to the fifth dimension and the new age in the new world. The people who do not join this ascension because they cannot or do not want to, will remain in the lower vibration without noticing anything. It is for their continued development in spirituality, love and compassion. Trying to keep a high vibration is only to be yourself and think lovingly and positively.

We love you all so much and in this way want to give you as much encouragement and strength as can be gained.

The High Council of the Pleiades


Many thanks. In loving service. I am




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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