Love is our new reality

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The Jupiter Command / Ashtar Command via Ria Aurora Athena Ash, December 17th, 2018



The Beginning of

The Jupiter Command / Ashtar Command & The Grand Event

This is the voice of

Commander  Ash’Tar’Ke’ree


Of The Jupiter Command

( De ..Ah ..aka ) –

it is light language for Jupiter ….meaning ….

Mighty cloud …

I wish to take you all now to the real Jupiter Command.🙏🏽

The federations & confederations of light , started A little over 1.2 million of your years ago in your perceived linear expression, Our Lord Michael and the High councils and brotherhoods of light created what do you call in your Human tongue :


The Galactic Federation of light Galactic Federation Of worlds .

Thus then creating

The Ashtar Command

And (We ) the sister Counterpart,


The Jupiter Command.

It is Our prime directive to serve and be in service to the One infinite creator , in this physical universe and none physical universe.

There are reasons why our  lord Michal and the High councils started the federations,

There was peace for a long time in this quadrant ….. until our fallen brothers & sisters started wars … it was there lust for power and domination that created the downfall of the planet Marduk… Then Marduk was Destroyed – Many souls of light took salvation in the federations and were welcomed with love .

Many souls came here to Ganymede

and for now ‘ I will not go into detail at this time in this channel regarding the down fall of Marduk …..

That will be for another dictation.

As ‘ It ‘ is In this quadrant sector of this galaxy , That We Of The 52 Star nations founded this Solar system that was ( Originally a (4/5th Density Solar System ) Which was formed little over 2 billion of your years ago –

We in the confederations of 52 Star nations then colonised this Solar systems planets & moons , We establish bases within this quadrant sector- That consist of the 52 Star nations , and that’ is just within this Galaxy and our sister galaxy ( The Andromeda Galaxy) there are many more Galaxy is that join our Federation.

In this sector of the federation we established

The Jupiter Command on our outpost , our main Galactic base , it is on what you call in your human vocabulary (Ganymede) it is the biggest of Jupiter’s moons .

Again We say To you

we call – Mighty Jupiter …..

De ..Ah ..aka –  it is light language for Jupiter ….meaning ….


Mighty cloud …

As light language and telepathic communication is our prime communications …..

The Jupiter Command is the overseer of The cosmic gateway to this sector of space …. let me explain beloved hearts :

Jupiter has 67 Moons in your 3D perspective-but our outposts are on 2 of its main moons

Ganymede & Europa

Ganymede is the biggest moon in the whole sector or Solar system to humans.

Ganymede is the same size as Brother Neptune.

And it is Ganymede were you will find the great Stargate that interlocks this whole solar system with The Sirius star system’  that is our sister companion system .

We currently resides in this binary system ‘ as we move along the photon belt –

The Photonic energy of cosmic love Emanating and flowing from our beloved Sirius star system transmits through the Stargate the (centre fold on Ganymede) –

This Energy is being transmitted through the 4 main central lines on Jupiter – We call the These Lines ( Meridian Lines ) –

“ One “and we say “One “ of the functions of the (Meridian Lines)  as they act as many functions-

One of the main functions is to line up and project magnetic plasma energy that connects with the stargate on Ganymede and with Sirius – That then sends ( rays of love and light ) through the Symbolic group of the 144,000  incarnate light workers and light warriors currently in human avatars on Tera Nova Gaia – “ Yes “( it is you beloveds who are the anchors of this energy – when the Consciousness has reached maturity in the individual starseeds this Energy thus then awakens them and prepares them for their mission and for the greater plan leading up to (The Event ) .

Ganymede also houses many colonies of the 52 star nations and houses human colonies that have acclimated to 4th density consciousness we all live in Oneness and Harmony with one another.

On your planet you speak of the ( Bermuda Triangle) we call them (vortex access points)  – These Vortx access points … create wormholes – thus many of your Human planes and Boats have have gone missing in the vortex access points or Bermuda Triangles – …

And The other end ‘ of the vortex point from the single point of access …..

is …… Ganymede….. –

Yes ‘ Basically beloveds they end up travelling through the vortex and appear in Ganymede.

Many humans that entered into this vortexes wished to stay with the human colonies and acclimate to the higher densities and Alas … many have asked to be retuned ‘ to go back to 3D Earth .


They have free will and can decide to stay or return to Earth we welcome all with love  .

“ Now “ – ….. I have taken this one ‘ This ‘ one ‘who Channels for us – Through her 3rd eye to project her consciousness to Ganymede ….. to show her what we see …..I wish to take all of you who are Reading and this message“ I wish to take you all on this Journey together as One ….

so open your third eye and see & breath …,..

Our channel dose not see Ganymede as what you think it is…. let us explain..

I am showing this one what your 3D Telescopes see is an optical illusion… they see into a light band width 2D / 3D Light prism –

That can not see into a

(4Th Density frequency range) … basically what your telescopes see and detect is holographic in nature…and cannot see higher consciousness within a planet or its moons .

The channel now sees that  ‘ Ganymede is rich in minerals and crystals , it has land and small pockets of oceans and lakes and an atmosphere that currently your human body’s can not breath In until you acclimate to 4th density , this will change after the Event and you will be in a higher state of consciousness you will be acclimated and your body’s will be Crystalline Adam Kadmon body’s that will be well prepared for many ground crew members to come home to Ganymede After The Event .

The light coming in from our  Mighty Jupiter or as we say in light language  …

De ..Ah ..aka….

Brings forth light transfer particles ( see it now with- an Orange & pink haze in the air as this is the atmosphere on Ganymede, …..

We are now showing her what looks like Glass pods on the surface – these pods are what the colonies live in …. now we show her a mighty entrance into the the centre of the moon – where Etched into the side of the walls the great cliffs are more of these pods clumped together and they are also sporadic ‘ as they spread for miles and miles and miles , there Landing ports for the ships – and A form of transportation system for the colonies …

As you raise yourself into the higher realms of consciousness you do not need to use this form of transportation , for this is for fourth density being Transportation….

We are now taking her consciousness down what you would call a great glass elevator she can see for miles & miles of lights and ships flying in and out within the Centre Stargate of this crater –

Our Mother ships are two great in size to pass through Stargate on Ganymede,  this is where we use your solar logos your Mighty Sun That is a Stargate to transport bigger motherships into your Solar system.

I now take The channel and you all beloveds ….. through a floor-to-ceiling glass walkway …., With trees plants and life in it , as we move towards the

(Great Hall Of The a Jupiter’ Command ,

This mighty Hall is 200feet wide & 200feet in height , and it is where the federations come to have a grand conclaves in this mighty Hall .

She Our channel…., can see Large pod rooms to one side of her – were lower density humans are asleep in a form of stasis….

What our channel can see are members of your SSP / Resistance Members …. That are of the light – And are working with the federations with Ascension and the removal of a fallen brothers and sisters on your planet – We have treaties with the SSP that coincide with the prime directive.

These ones are what you call ( are in a secret space program)  – Who have been visiting this command station for many of your earth years .

Many SSP members who are of the light – go into a sleep Statius …There astral body’s then enter the grand Hall were we conducted meetings regarding the prime directive – Thoses members of the SSP who have acclimated to higher density do not need to go through a sleep status and they can access the great Hall without there human forms needing to placed in sleep status …. but those who are “not “ at the higher consciousness levels yet ‘ enter into this sleep status and their memories of the meetings are returned to them enabling them to report back to there superiors on Earth.

Our Channel can see a Energy particle light beam weapon on Ganymede- …. Now let me explain- this is not for “ war” as we do not operate in that spanned of reality , we have moved beyond that way thinking as a Federation Of light … but the light beam particle weapon can remove negative lower fourth density beings from within your planet and the lower Astral realm …. entities that have violated the prime directive are removed and sent to the Central sun and placed back into Divine source of Oneness ….

Some humans have come to talk of this light beam and have named it ( Mjölnir) divine thunder Bolt  …… This can not harm humans , …We say this again Mjölnir “cannot “ harm humans , or start fires or cause earthquakes on your planet ….. it’s plasma light beam … it’s primary objective ‘ is to remove the lower forms of negative energy within your earths core ferment & unhinge underground military bases that are not of the light .

And we can say ‘ These operations now have finished successfully , And We have moved onto the next sequence of time line events.

The Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command are so proud of all of you , our beloved Ground Crew Lightworkers & Warriors Of light , Many of you in your astral body’s your light bodies return to the Jupiter Command and attend the meetings on Ganymede as your wisdom and teachings are extremely important to this whole operation – many of you go and be with your family’s and loved ones who are in the colonies on Ganymede and on our beloved mighty mother Ship

( The Aurora) That sits stationary just on Jupiter’s horizon…..

So beloveds We come to you now in this co-creation as it is time to remember who you are and what you are part of , and who you share this beautiful galaxy with .

As the timelines from negative polarity are separating …. and moving into the fourth density timeline which the planet is currently moving into …. it is the splitting of the worlds so to speak ….. the changeover… as You now await the mass Coronal injection of Photonic love light emanating from the mother father God core that emerges with all great central suns ..that enters into your central sun …. and your galaxy …. We tell you beloveds ‘ this wave is coming …. We have said this many times before with many other channels

“the wave is coming “ ‘

it is on its way , quicker than anticipated …..

So stay vigilant my beloveds hearts , stay steadfast ‘ in this mighty storm that is around you on your planet right now ,

Be the light beacons that you all are , for

(Love has won)  ,

and the time of the

Grand Reunion is just on the horizon.

We of the Jupiter Command & The Ashtar Command salute you our beloveds ground-crew….  we love you beyond measure ,

know you are loved ,

know we are with you always ❤️

All my love peace & light & love be with you all now 🕊

Come and see us at the Jupiter Command we love you and miss you all beloved hearts 💕

I Am –

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree-

Of The Jupiter Command-

And I Salute all of you with unconditional love 💕

Channelling by

Ria Aurora Athena Ash