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The Lap Vigil from Lapland via Ann Dahlberg, December 10th, 2017

The Lap Vigil from Lapland

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


My name is Vigil and I am a Lap from the North. I lived a very long time ago and we lived then as now on herding reindeers. We moved a bit back and forth in the north. In those days there were no borders for us Laps. We helped each other even if our first priority was to take care of our own – those that belonged to our clan. These were small clans that wandered about a bit everywhere in the north. We moved around according to where there was food and water for us and for our animals. At large watering hole with vegetation many herds might be gathered. There was then much talking and many tales were told. Dances and other traditional festivities were then organized. This was mostly during the summer half of the year.

The work could be austere and tiring, but we most often had good unity and there was respect for people and animals. We had our customs and traditions and they exist still today even if they largely have yielded to the modern society that we live in today. Life must move on, but a mix of old and new would have been preferable so that there would be a balance in life. Now it seems that many have lost this balance and many young ones are not doing well today. They do not have a root or foundation to stand on and no great belief in the society that has been built up. It is a cold society where only those that earn money have value. It is a society that has lost the understanding that everybody has value irrespective of if it is a child, handicapped person, old person or grown-ups in their working age. The animals have also lost their value in spite of the fact that they are our irreplaceable co-creators and without them nature would not be what it is today. Nature has also succumbed in favor of profit hunger and our poor Mother Earth is finding it ever harder to survive without their life giving abilities and the same is true for the animals and us. We have a few things to think about and we have things to work for so that everything can regain its balance. This is true for nature as well as for the animal kingdom and our own humanity. What can we do dear humans on Earth? What can we do to put everything right again? We do want clean water and fresh air to brief, or? You want to have good nutritious food and a health body? This must after all be what is most important for us down here on Earth. We also have a responsibility for the Earth we walk on. We have a responsibility to take care of this Earth and we also have a responsibility to take of ourselves.

It was nice to get this said and I hope there are many who share this sentiment with me so that we now can protect and shield our Earth and all that belongs to it. The Earth is very close to my heart and I would do everything to make it healthy and green again everywhere on our Earth. Earth is the most beautiful that exists and my eye does not need anything else than to rejoice in all the beautiful and wonderful that she gave me every day when I was on Earth. I want you Laps to know that I am with you wherever you are on our Earth today and I am also with all of you who work with animals and nature in one way or another. It is my mission and regardless of if I am in a higher dimension or have incarnated with you on Earth my mission is the same. My work is for Earth and its nature!

Much love to all of you




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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