The Magdalenes via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 25, 2019

Mother Mary and the Magdalens via Galaxygirl

We are the Magdalenes. We are the sisterhood of the rose – the brotherhood of the rose as well. I Andrew am present. Yes! Yes (laughing) let us always remember the men. For the time of the great rebalancing of passion, of purpose, of power is nigh. The kundalini of Gaia is awakening. The great rise of the new is at hand. For the great Mother has deemed it so. She is calling her children home, and our planetary mother, Gaia, is calling her children to come with her.

This is the Spring or Fall Equinox, wherever you are reading these words from your planetary location. It is the great balance of the yin, the yang, the great cosmic in-breath of the Father followed by the out-breath of the Mother of all creation. We are many today because we are gathered, in union of sisterhood  – brotherhood (laughing) – to bear witness to this grand event of our Lightworkers, our sisters and brothers on the ground, coming home to us in spirit. It is not what you think. This is not some dire message. No! This is one of joy! For the veil is ripping, rending and we will be more easily available to you. We are not saying that you will leave your bodies as you have done many times in the past. No. We are saying that we are here. That we are here with you, that we can see you and we think perhaps you are beginning to be able to see and feel us, as these warm words of encodement and of welcoming embrace your weary forms. This one danced in the moonlight this early morning. We Magdalenes had many moonlight ceremonies, often involving dancing and praise to the great Father, the great Mother, to spin the energies, to weave grids of light, webs of love, to feel and foster union, planetary consciousness, awakening, joy. We are the guardians of the sacred rose, as are you. All life is sacred, as are you. Dance in the moonlight. Weave the codes. Feel the breath of Father sky, the warmth of Mother Earth. Dance the dance of life and remember the joy of being embodied again. There should be joy to be experienced here in this now. Go find it! The sacred mystery schools have trained you well.

I Andrew wish to speak now. I wish to offer the man’s perspective in all of this. We would be nothing without the great Mother, just as the great Father imagines life the great Mother gives it. For too long the men have dominated, abused. I have too many memories of my people’s villages being burned, children and women abused. I have seen much, too much, which is why I am not embodied at this most sacred now. Instead I bear witness from the rafters, from the ships and skies offering my light, my love, my strength. I wish to speak to the men. Men, no more hiding. The women have called and the universe is watching. Be your best self in all moments. It is ok to be strong, but wise in this strength. It is the wisdom piece that has been forgotten. Brute strength is just a bunch of brutes. Where is the love? And that is where these dear sisters of mine – of ours – come in. They can help you awaken the sacred feminine within you. It is not emasculating to accept this. It is balancing. It is healing. It is vital. It is necessary for your own growth and advancement. This is a hologame, remember? It is a way to advance the levels. Balance. For where is strength without love, without wisdom, without care? It is reckless. The times of reckless power are over now. Gaia has spoken, Mother / Father have spoken and my sisters are always speaking (laughter). I am privileged and honored to be a part of the sacred feminine. I anchor the masculine. Now grounded ones, grounded men and women of the light, of the way, anchor it with me.

We Magdalenes form a grid of light around you, around Gaia. But we need you to hold up your hands, your hearts to anchor it. We surround your planet and your body with light, with the sacred feminine and the sacred divine masculine who has been so wounded by disharmony and unbalance. See golden rose petals descend from the sky. See them all around you. Breathe them in, this divine balance of the Christed energies of purity, of love, of the raw sheer life force of love. Your entire body is filled with roses of light of the most beautiful hues. White and red, in perfect balance and harmony. These represent the masculine and the feminine. The golden roses represent the Christ. Breathe this in. Sacred divine balance. And now look at your hands. You are holding roses of red, white, gold. You plant them beside your feet. Their roots grow deep into the crystal heart of your planetary mother, Gaia. Inner earth is now blooming with these higher dimensional roses of the Magdalene, bridging the worlds, the realms, the energies. Become this space of inner balance and see through the eyes of love. That is all we ever tried to teach, the inner Christ, the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine, the sacred peace of home within. We believe this is our message in entirety today, for this now. Andrew asks if we are sure? (Laughing) We hold you in a space of the most perfect light. Connect with us when you are ready. We see that you are most ready. We see the divine spark within you, masters of the way, no longer fellow initiates, you are masters in form.

I am Mother God. I see you, I know you children, and Oh, I love you so much! Allow the Christ child to be born anew in you today. Circumstances may seem to have changed, but really they have not. The Christ is needed now more than ever and he is here. Welcome him. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl