Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, August 27th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings,

You and Gaia are rapidly increasing in light frequency! Your energies have higher and greater potential for a life in the light than ever and you long to leave the old and enter the new for good.

You still have your deep dips and you ask us why?

You have opened up new aspects of your own light and as the light within you expands in your consciousness you are given the opportunity to see your own darkness in a deeper and more intense way than ever before. You all have your own individual path to get back to the core of yourselves and on the way there you must pass that which you once created as a human on earth, as a collective on earth in all incarnations.

It may seem strange that, despite your enormous Lightness, you cannot get through your own darkness without it hurting your inner and physical body but remember that this darkness has been deeply rooted in all your physical and mental parts for eons of time and that there is a greater process of change at all your levels than you can currently understand. Thoughts, emotions and cells in your body are reprogrammed in a high-tech energy process and when it is done, your job is to re-transform your physical self and life on Earth.

Those of you who have come to earth on a temporary aid mission also do not have an easy time when this darkness is to be processed on earth. You have entered the karma of your earthly relatives to once and for all heal and clear up that which has passed from one generation to the next for a long time. The only way to do this is to let the darkness pass through yourselves so that you can transform it into light.

You who have chosen to come here from higher dimensions, as seeds from the stars, have chosen to help others in this time of ascension. You have no old darkness of your own, but have had a difficult incarnation when you had difficulty fitting in and understanding life and man on earth.

Give yourselves a lot of love to show others the way into a brand new world where everything is changed for the better for Gaia and humanity. You have the light and love for yourselves very close and no one can love like you as your heart is very open and strongly anchored in the source of light.

You are all the masters who remember, you are love in the purest form available on earth right now. You have chosen to let go of the old earth only when your inner light guides you powerfully in that direction now. You have no sentimental memories from the old days, you have nothing to hold you back as the longing is now very strong to let go and enter the new.

To transform darkness into light is to enter the New Age. Everything is energy and light is love so love yourselves all you can. It is powerful transformation in its most beautiful and simplest form.

We love you more than you can understand. Thanks!