Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, September 14th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on Earth,

You live in a great time! You are all in a very loving process in your awakening. You are part of an incarnation on Earth where the dark systems are now being revealed at a rate never seen before, releasing the light on Earth and its new systems to take hold.

In truth, life on earth has not been lived in light alone and you are all affected by the dark system no matter how far you have come in your awakening. Those of you who have touched the beautiful shore of the New Age have in due time been called to return to your lower selves to do more light work in the darkness of the old age. You are here on a mission!

You have lived in a time where you were part of a system that made you very uncomfortable and for those of you who came to Earth from higher civilizations, your time on Earth has been almost emotionally unbearable. Your high-frequency emotional systems have gone on constant “overload”, which has affected your fine-tuned systems to a great extent. Many of you have felt constant fatigue and your breathing has been negatively affected. Something that in turn affected the rest of your body. In your collective system, the darkness has had a strong hold with its own ramified networks that have intimidated and negotiated with those who have been receptive.

The people who have been weak and afraid have given way to the dark system’s constant threat and offer to sell themselves to a system where the system promised abundance in exchange for a cooperation with the dark aspects of life that means doing things that are not right for them themselves in the heart. They have chosen to produce terrifying lyrics in music, made terrifying political decisions, preached terrifying religious messages and acted for the darkness in the dark’s economic system based on prevailing scarcity for those who did not want to sell themselves to the darkness. Many of them are, from a three-dimensional perspective, very successful in your public arena.

You who read these messages have been misled into thinking that you are the weak ones who could not survive in this system but we tell you YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO DARED TO ENDURANCE AND STAND IN THE FEAR BASED SYSTEMS THAT YOU DON’T GET AWAY FROM IN YOUR INCARNATION ON EARTH! Do you remember?

Beloved, in truth it has been so. You have not been able to escape living in these dark systems as incarnated on earth but now is the time for a great shift where the strong enforcers of the old system fall, you are freed and leave the old system that held you prisoner. You are switched to a more high-frequency system that is already ready to start up. Remember that death, lack and all forms of control are only a terrifying creation of the dark system and do not exist in the new light systems built on higher frequencies.

Understand that anyone who chose to sell themselves to the dark systems did so out of fear. Understand that they chose to go their way to survive on earth. They live very far from the memories that you carry that life cannot be taken from them and that lack does not exist. They don’t remember that the earth is a soul and they don’t remember that the world they live in isn’t actually created from money in physical reality but is created from within themselves and their energy.

Do not judge them but accept that they, like you, lived in a system that was a natural part in a very low frequency.

Let these souls be in charge of their own journey back to themselves and focus on your own journey in the light but do not judge them but bless them with your light. They will wake up and then they will remember and understand.

Brave souls, we love you more than you can understand and are here whenever you ask us for help.