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The observation of the activation of positive energy of the earth’s religious occasions, channeled by Xia

The observation of the activation of positive energy of the earth’s religious occasions
(channeled by Xia, translated by Xiong)
The earth religion is different architecture of pipeline and channel, through which each information transfer systems injects energy for the earth and guides the evolution of it. Among the energies, the strongest is piety energy. Sealed energies of religious occasions only have the basic function, purification.
Today, all the energies of religious occasions have unsealed and totally activated. Observing in the battlefield of energy, all kinds of latent energy distribution points, which thickly dot or distribute on the earth, have unsealed, releasing energies. Piety energy worked as tact switch among them. Then Love and contribution energies were pulled out, but the ratio of responsibility energy was not high.
After each energy distribution points unsealing, the energy of each points formed a energy flow, spun up and concentrated, formed into strong original information energy source in the end . when the main current energies were rotating and concentrating, the energies started to form shock waves and protective layers, cleaning the collective consciousness on the earth’s surface. But this kind of energy source contains low level battle energy, need unite essence pure battle energy and rebuilding energy which have been combating on the earth, to attack human Collective Citta.
The energy sources of the earth religious occasions enter from cracks, mainly works in the not fully closed cracks and apertures of human Citta, fill up, manifest into the cleaning of human’s hearts. This is the summarized effect data of religious energies stored.
However, the opening of religious occasions is not only just the releasing of original stored energies, but also lead the opening of a bigger scale energy under the earth’s surface. In the development history of the earth for millions of years, all the religious occasions were chosen in accordance with the distribution of universal energy, not chosen random. The opening of religious occasions touches massive original energies covered under religious occasions. The massive original energies are all kinds of qualities of universal energy, beyond the original religious extent.
Milan Cathedral:  responsibility energy
the Potala Palace in Tibet:  piety energy, holy and pure energy, repair energy
The Sistine chapel:  divine energy, responsibility energy
Shaolin Temple in China:  battle energy, rebuilding energy
Great Mosque in Mekka:  piety energy, battle energy
Templum Domini:  responsibility energy
Great Golden Stupa:  royal energy,  divine energy
Cologne Cathedral: responsibility energy, battle energy
The opening of energies of each religious occasions leads the outburst and promotion of the original energy of the whole earth. The war situation is from mainly on energies of the divine at the beginning to autonomously cleaning explosion of the earth’s original energy. The evil source start collapse from inside.
Besides, Protoss warriors have already started settle in each religious architectures, taking over the positive energy occasions used to be forcibly occupied by Evils. The opening of religious occasions is another important push point for positive energy turning from a guest into a host. The independent combat has started.