The Oracle of Delphi via Beatrice Madsen, May 25th, 2018

The Oracle of Delphi via Beatrice Madsen, May 25th, 2018


I welcome you for a moment in my chamber. Maybe you see me sitting on my triptyk, breathing in my veiled steams.

I come with a special message for you today. If you want to come along into the new era it is important that you receive the whole of you with all of your aspects. If you are too much in a hurry not all of them will have time and some more dark, less pleasant, will pull you back to the old 3-D reality. There is nothing better or worse, but I want to help you if you wish to move on.


I, the oracle of Delphi, will now change places with you and ask you to sit down on my triptyk. I will stand next to you and guide you so you do not need to be afraid.

You sit on a rounded place in Delphi and if you look down you will see a stone formation in a round form that goes towards yourself and departs from you. A soft wind of cypress, olive oil and cedar will strike you and warm and loving beings will surround you on all sides.

The next step is that I surround you with 12 mirrors. You start with looking into the mirror that is facing north. In this mirror you see your everyday you, just as you look right now. Look for a moment at yourself. Try to see, feel yourself without prejudice or judgment. If such things arrive just let them pass. Then look into the second mirror. In this mirror there might be another aspect of you maybe from another age. Let us take an example. Maybe a sad 12 year old shows up. Ask this 12 year old why he or she is sad. Wait for an answer. Send healing and warmth to this part of you and surround him/her with light. Ask if this one wants to say or share something more. When the 12 year old is neutral you move on to the next mirror. Let us take a new example; where there might be a young man or a young woman that are eager and wants something. You ask – why are your so excited and what do you want? Maybe the young person says I want to sing. Thus a part of you wants to offer its joy of singing. Maybe a prejudice appears within you – “but you/I cannot sing”. Then listen to what that person in the mirror answers. A possible answer is that regardless of if I can sing my voice needs to express this joy of singing and trying it out. There is healing for me in this expression.

You move on from mirror to mirror and end after the 12th mirror. The exercise might need to be done in stages. When you have gone through all mirrors you can feel that all gestalts are incorporated in you become “one” together. Sometimes one gestalt might stick out and again need to have its voice heard and you can then go to that mirror for communication and healing.

It is a very powerful exercise and aspects of you might surface, which are from earlier lives. An example of this is a battle hungry person that just has killed many people. At the bottom of this gestalt there might be sorrow, guilt and shame over what has been done, which this gestalt needs to express. There might also appear some of you who look strange and who are coming from another planet, which might take time to digest. It is important that you conclude the exercise with again regaining your “self” to the central self that is sitting on the chair. Thus always start with your current self in the center and clearly walk in to the room when you start and out of the room when you conclude.

In the best of world it is good if you have somebody to share this experience with and tell about it. If you do not have that my recommendation that you write down what you experience and so you can go back to it in the text after awhile for a deeper understanding and integration. Finally, I wish you good luck with your exercise and know that in the journey towards the light there is a suitable motto – “know yourself”.