Byron of the Pleiades via Iris Köhler, July 29th, 2018


07 / 29 / 2018 Cyron of the Pleiades


“Cyron greets you. As a mediator I am available to explain the energy activities and relationships. Project Earth is undergoing a cleaning process and at the same time the new consciousness unfolds. In each body light pulses are activated which make it easier to go to the flood of the unit stream. These mass of movements is revolutionary. The result is a new existence, a paradigm of love and the fulfilled – being.

We are in connection with some sites and make sure that the influx of new energy is uniform. These streams of energy bring a new shift in the expression and the behaviors with them. At the same time the levels of the angels are very close and available to people in every way. The light potential increases and changes taking place in the brain that is stimulated. Because all the bodies move in the crystalline matrix. Choirs of angels are present. Their tones change the sound and vibrations. They permeate the space and hold up the vibrations. An important issue is clarity and purity.

We define light beads. They unfold in due time. Their particle – units stimulate cell renewal. Each cell can feel the change that goes before and would like to align itself. The light helps and consciousness structures are changing. A new vibrational level is created and touches everything in resonance with the new vibrations. This process occurs in relation to the existing values.

And solar particles convert the biochemical being on the Earth’s surface. The stream of pleiadian light mass permeates the process of new lighting units. The light from the Central Sun is expansionary. It contains codes and structures of full conversion. The light is anchored and the planet Earth is a planet of light. Moving up of the human consciousness into crystalline consciousness changes the souls and healing occurs in a larger field.

We avail ourselves of thoughts – telepathy and send it to the Earth to cause a new healing alignment. Our telepathy strength is high and change the light levels present in an additional measure. It makes great fun to serve the humanity. New technologies and practices are waiting soon to come or used to be designed. And as always also the pleiadian fleet stands firmly on the side to reveal new.

Finally, we would like to ask the humanity to open more on the possibilities of life and for the laws of the universe. We are from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Pleiadian Association (Council). We are with all love and commitment engaged in helping the ascension of the energies. Prepare for interesting times. You begin to unfold. Cyron greets you in solidarity and gratitude from his ship. Be ready to hold the light!”



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