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The Pleiadian Collective via Beatrice Madsen, February 9th, 2019

The Pleiadian Collective

February 9th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Many of you have an idea of how you will become later on. How we are supposed to be when we enter into the fifth dimension. They you will be fantastic, perfect, beautiful and spotless.

We want to topple these thoughts. It is from how you are now that you will increase your frequency. However, in order to do this you need to accept the whole rectangle and all its sides and non-alignments. You have most probably have had some tough incarnations that you rather close your eyes to when you see the consequences of them. They are to come along in the ascension and they are in fact a valuable treasure. Exactly those are rich experiences that give you wisdom and a deep understanding that you not have gotten without them. Exactly these experiences have helped you to polish your carbon based DNA to a shining diamond that is now appearing. Thank yourself for everything that you have chosen to go through. See that you are a very brave soul that has chosen and dared to come down into the most dense of material and expose you to all kinds of friction. It is grand we tell you – grand indeed.

You have been so schooled during a long time in requirements of perfection and performance that it will take a long time to leave these imposed false thought structures about how you should be, how beautiful you must be in order to be loved. These are collective conceptions that are well thought through in order to keep you under control and not let you grow as the free spirits that you really are – influenced by your media, which have not been guided by the most benevolent forces. They have manipulated you to feel worthless if you do not have the right shape, are smart enough or do not have the latest equipment.

This is a big problem and a massive illusion to see through. Once you accept the whole of you deeply in your being and have gotten to know yourself you will receive a new force, more pristine and it will get easier for you to create your own reality. Your intentions will be more quickly and clearly revealed.

You are good as you are, exactly as you are. Live in your truth and receive the whole of you into the new, freer, light world that is just a breath away. It is yours if you release yourself from the chains of self hate, self critic and self-unworthiness as those who have power over you want you to continue to feel.

We are one step ahead and love you, the whole of you exactly as you are on the threshold to a new loving kingdom. The door is open and we say come in.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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