The Pleiadians via Helena Öhrström, July 19th, 2018


Peace message from the Pleiades

We are gathered now. We are with you. We are grateful and we see that the messages from us are spreading to more of you humans and light bearers. We are light years from you, but yet so close. We have you humans so dear.

You are the children who once were here in the Pleiades. We want you to remember your light. We want you to remember you the power of love. That which is the power that brings you out of what is heavy – the heavy force that rules on your Earth.

We want you to have more freedom. We want you to feel Peace. The powers that rule on your Earth have something to gain from holding you humans back in the heavy darkness – the darkness that is war and power – The power of how money should be distributed – the power of how Earth’s resources should be used.

We want to send consciousness and light over this. We want you to see the games that are played above your heads. To us this game looks completely crazy.

We look at all beings of light with love. We can see your expansion on Earth. We can see your work for a Earth in love, harmony and balance. We are with you as support from this dimension. We are with you as a Force. By connecting via meditation this power increases that is spreading in your network of light. The crystal that children of the light carry in your hearts will shine more clearly. We want to help you brush off the layers of feelings and memories that have settled in around the crystal. We want to help you remember who you are. We want to help you see your own grandeur and Power.

It is as if things are now coming to a point. Everything becomes visible. Spread light over the darkness. Spread light over your planet. We want to give support to you children of the light to open up your channel and your heart to the power of love and light. Spread consciousness around the Earth. Spread awareness of game of power that is becoming more visible and clearer, and which is cracking apart and falls into pieces.

Use your inner vision to see and understand. Use your senses to feel. Trust your feelings – your feelings that guide you in the right direction even in the dark. Let nothing diminish you Power. We are with you from this side. We are with you as support and Power.

We send Peace, Light and Love.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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