Love is our new reality

The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, July 20th, 2018

Comrades of the Light 7/19/18

All  things are in perfect timing. All comes to you in the exact moment it should. Do not struggle with your process—flow, flow, flow. Be the peace. Be the harmony. It is all a natural evolution of spirit when you flow. As you recognize your natural ability you will feel more confident with the direction of your path.

Trust you are among allies who support your evolution into your new area of expertise. You are providing them with the hope of achieving the same. You are all helping one another to move forward. You are comrades in the light and of the light.


The Creation of Assistance 7/18/18

Help comes in many ways. It manifests through the intention of energy. It is a request which ignites the spark of the creation of assistance. It may take unexpected forms. It will come in the composition of the creation of the energy molecules developing and acting cohesively in reaction to the intention.

This is somewhat complicated. But please know, assistance is created directly in response to your request for help. Open your mind to the vastness of the shapes help may take.


Laughter 7/17/18

Bring humor to the world when you are able. It is light. It is a gift in and of itself.

The vibration of laughter elevates your soul. It is a form of love that truly is the best medicine.


In Tandem 7/16/18

It is important for you to understand that as your vibrational level rises, your energy transforms. People, things and situations that were previously compatible with you may no longer be so. Rest assured these will be replaced with others harmonious with your new frequency.

Also know that it is possible for you to raise the vibration of others when you share your enlightenment with them. If they are ready and willing, you may travel together. It is not always necessary to “clean house.” Share your experience and perhaps this companionship may become ever-stronger still as you evolve together. It is possible to grow in tandem.


A Re-Gift 7/14/18

There is peace in the hearts of the ones who begin to open and share the love of self-acceptance. It is an unmistakable energy emanating from the source of their being. It is a light that shines for others to enjoy and partake of. It is a gift to all who wish to accept. For that is what you are all doing for each other as you learn to love yourselves.

It is a re-gift.