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The Report on observing the sun, moon and stars via Yuqiong in China, June 28th, 2018

The report on observing the sun, moon and stars
(channeled by Yuqiong, translated by Xiong)
The volume of the sun in appearance is bigger than before, leaking out soft and fluffy form externally. Inside the sun, just like a crystal which is changing his structure, after getting rid of numerous impurities, the core of the sun started presenting more pure crystalline, could see petal form in the outer ring. Besides the core has increased, the extension of the sun is enlarging his sphere of influence over a thousand times larger than before. In this way the extension is presenting all kinds of colours, among which a kind of royal purple light has the most powerful killing strength, this royal purple light has already arrived on the earth long ago as forward strength, it is a powerful killing weapon to negative energy. At present there are still all kinds of lights which are enriching the light of the sun, influencing the earth. After the sun dilated achieved its own energy leveling, it has a greater influence in the galaxy, the influence on the earth is more straightforward.
The moon is more peaceful in appearance, not like the sun with so strong extensional roaring flame, it keeps a kind of smooth and steady potential. And yet the energy emitted from the core is like a kind of vibration wave form, a ring after another, progressive transmission, been sending to the earth as vibration wave form, every rings of the vibration can change the operating frequency of the earth, also makes many natural phenomena we have seen before, such as tides, change. This power of the vibration can promote crustal movement more effectively, though it looks soft, has the tenacity of diamond.
Looking on stars at the point of the earth, some of these stars are getting close to the earth, which depends on gently moving. Every stars’ former position in the universe keeps equilibrium and mutual condition. At present this moving is also influencing the whole energy field of the earth, so some of the stars follow regulated procedure, are moving gently. Among the stars, Big Dipper has a greater influence on the earth, the seven stars of Big Dipper have different functions and attributions, at present the seven stars unit as a power and connect the moon energy in the integration point, before this kind of integrated power was dominated by the moon, now the seven stars respond positively, collectively pour the influence on the earth. Every stars of Big Dipper has different attribution, they transmit their energy on the moon according to their speciality, these energy integrated with the moon and is refracted back to the universe space, this way work on the earth. Inside Big Dipper special energy is increasing, because of special mission, dig the depth of energy, can see in the north pole Dubhe is stronger, Megrez UMa is weaker, Dubhe is insinuating energy to Megrez UMa, ask for the help of the moon.
In the morning watched the sun, after the lights were shielded, saw the sun jumping up and down, left and right continually, just like a ball, which were patted by someone. Watched for a long time, this situation had not changed. At that time communicated with Sun-God, asked why this state happened. Sun-God answered: for complying with the energy replacement and raising of the whole big universe, the kinosphere of the sun is conforming to the universe to clear up and update energy totally, It will enlarge the capacity towards outside in the way of continuous internal exploding, totally clearing up the impurities and energy sediments which has been stored for long time, hope to comply with the new era of the universe with the newest features at the height of power and splendors.