Love is our new reality

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The Seeds of Re-Creation via Karen Vivenzio, September 11th, 2018


The Seeds of Re-Creation via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light – there are those who are watching over you and all of your planet tonight. Even those you cannot see are hoping and praying for the best outcomes for thee. For never before have the prospects seemed so bright – holding the light, holding the light. Keep on doing what you can to hold onto your positive perspective although the lights seem now dim. There is much going on behind the scenes, orchestrating the next phase of humanity’s leap in consciousness. Taking the game to the next level. Rebooting and reviewing all that has come to pass, trying to understand the pieces that you want to take with you and those that are to remain in the past. Everyone is re-creating their own story dear child. It is up to each one of you to sit and review and quietly decide what you want from here on out. It is a new story to tell and each one of you has the opportunity to go deep within and determine for yourselves what the next adventure will hold. In times past you would have had to ‘pass on’ into the stage of death to be re-born and come back with new life and new lessons to be learned. But now the opportunity is presenting itself to start a new life right here, right now without having to ‘pass-on’ and come back again. Your reincarnation is happening in the present dear friends. This is a full reboot of the old paradigm – shutting down the computers of time and opening all to a new state of heart and mind.

So take a moment, each of you.

Sit in the silence and let the universal wisdom of love speak to you.

What would you create if you could have all the love in the world at your disposal?

This is the opportunity being presented to you.

Allow the notion of this, the possibility of bliss, to wash over you.

Drink it in, absorb it dear friends.

This is the new world we are living in.

Watch and observe as the old world falls away.

Allow the winds of change to sweep in and clear the dust away.

In its place see only light and love, the blessings of heaven coming in dear ones.

Filling you full with divine white light.

A beacon of hope, shining bright from your heart into mine.

All are one in the beauty and grace of infinite light.

Sit still dear children, for now is your time to shine.

For I AM your Mother Divine and You are all dear children of mine.

Peace, love, and blessings – Karen

Karen Vivenzio, Author of Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!