Sanat Kumara and the Galactic Federation of Light via Mia Lighthouse, September 19th, 2018

Sanat Kumara and the Galactic Federation of Light:  (via Mia Lighthouse)

Time has come

Dear ones.

You long for an age of love and light. Know that this age is here, it is only a step away, an energy-lift away and now is the time to take these steps.

When you chose to be born to this planet during this time, you knew that this was a very unique time in human history. You knew that a great shift was to take place, you knew that because you had chosen to be an important part of this unique shift. You are all important and now the time has come to raise your vibrations. It depends on you to raise your frequencies to enter into this new era.

Dear light bearers, being in between dimensions as you are now is stressful for your whole being. But you where confident that you would stand strong, that you would stand stable and now is the time to do so. It is a process and it is natural to fall sometimes. Forgive yourself if this happen, but get up quickly! Get on your high flying disc again! Do not give in for anger, despair, fear. There is always a way, a golden path, if you don´t see it outside you, it’s always within you.

Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in that your brothers and sisters of Light are waking up all over the planet and that together your energies grow stronger and stronger. Visualize that you are spots of Light all over the planet  that glow more and more brightly and feel that your energy fields connect to each other. You do not have to meet in the physical to make strong spiritual connections. Together you create an energy field around the planet. You already do this, but now it is time to consciously reach out to each other. Feel your huge family, you are spread all over the planet, so reach out for each other, like if you held hands. It may be helpful for you to visualize it as if you actually holds hands, in all directions, all over the planet. But most importantly is to FEEL this connection.

Ready. Set. Go!

It is now about making yourselves ready to take the steps into the next dimensions. This is an internal energyprocess that will provide external results. When you heal and cleanse, when you take the steps that your heart guides you to take.

Enter your inner heart as often as you can and scan your vibrations. Realize that this is your great mission; You are responsible for your energies, that they are “fine tuned” and set to the highest frequency of love. And that you are stable in this great love, all the more anchored now. More constant. Let go of old concepts that no longer benefit you and instead, embrace life with love.

I wish to share an experience that Mia had. She is not so willing to share examples from her life, she does not think these things are special and therefore should not be mentioned. But that’s precisely why I want to share these examples because you can all understand them, everyone has been in similar situations. After some discussion, I have got her approval.

Some weeks ago, Mia received a phone call. It was a couple that she once had a close relationship with but that have become distant because of some hurtful incidences in the past. They wanted to see her for a short meeting, she replied that they where welcome. They would arrive within a quarter.

Like many of you, Mia has been strongly influenced by the powerful energies that are now flowing to Earth and she felt very sensitive this day. Hypersensitive and somewhat out of balance. She wanted the meeting with these two who so unexpectedly had called, to be as positive as possible and felt a need for help to stabilize and center herself.

They could come any minute and she wanted to gather herself, find power. So she went into a room where she could close the door and be in peace and stood still and went into the heart. She felt that she needed the energy of the earth so she sat down at the floor and then leaned her body toward the floor as if she embraced Mother Earth. Quietly within her, from her heart to Mother Earth’s Heart, she said: “Dear Mother Earth, I love you, I always pray for peace and love on earth. Right now I ask for your power so that all insecurity disappears and that I again feel stable in joy and love with you. I ask you to be with me in this meeting. Thank you”. She felt the answer like a vague impulse of love that came back into her. She opened up for it, connected herself to it and just stayed in this stronger growing love flow for a few minutes.

This was what she needed at that moment, she needed to feel support, security, balance and this little impulsive act gave her that. She went to the meeting strengthened, centered and in balance.

The spontaneous earthing ceremony took only a few minutes and the meeting was the best for many years. It was as if the wounds once made were gone, they were gone simply because Mia finally allowed them to heal! Do you understand? It’s up to you to heal your lives! And it can be done so easy, so easy.

The example is meant to make you realize how you can influence your everyday life and the encounter with people in your life. It does not have to be a meeting with someone who triggers you, who awaken a wound or anger within you, it can be used in all meetings. Sometimes you need stability and security, then you contact Mother Earth and Earth yourself. But usually you only need to connect to your heart. Your heart is the portal to the divine and your direct contact with God / Source / All that is. So before every meeting where you feel a need for some extra power, a bit more focus, a bit more joy or whatever it is; close your eyes, connect yourself to your heart and pray for the blessing of the Divine for this meeting to be a meeting in love and joy. Open up for these energies, let them fill you and then stay in this frequency! That’s all you need to do.

I wanted to share this example because it was so simple, so spontaneous. It shows that when connected to the heart, the heart shows the way.

Many believe that one must do things according to certain rules. For example, it is often taught that when earthing yourself, the starting position is to stand with the feet at a certain distance and the body in a certain position. These teachings are very fine and beneficial, but know that you are free to improvise. You are free to find your own ways, there are no real rules except those found in your own heart. Love is the only thing that matters, if you follow love, you always find the way.

Work with yourself and your life, make the most of what you have. See the highest in what is around you and forgive yourself if not all is as you wish. Realize that that is a gift in itself, because if everything were as you wanted, then there would be no challenge, right? Instead, imagine what a gift it is to discover the love in your heart. What a gift it is to see it manifests more and more in your life. What a gift it is to discover the highest in yourself, to increasingly awake in to your own radiant light!

It all start with yourselves. It’s about cleaning and healing yourself, taking life as it comes from an ever-increasing perspective.

Increase your frequencies. Get ready. Because now the frequencies are raising and it is you my dears who have said that you will stand firm, strong and centered in yourself and in love. Now is the time to do so and this time is here because you are ready, otherwise this time would never have come. So let go of all the doubts! Let go of that which weigh you down and lift yourself, lift yourself, lift yourself!

It is now time my dear angels on earth to be firmly anchored in love. If you sometimes fall into anger, sadness or other negativity, do not worry about this but forgive and move on. See what triggered it and let go of it. It is now time to let go of all that is heavy, which hurts. Often it is memories of the past or worries for the future – whatever it is, let it go.

You know how you do, you’ve got many guidings about it. Connect to your angels, guides, or the highest Source, All that Is, that which you often call God.

Say from your inner heart: “I am now ready to let go of all which no longer serves me”. Breathe deeply and when you breathe out, let go of it, let it be released with your breath out. Let it go and give it to the Light to be transformed to Light.

Repeat the process for as long and often as needed. This can be done at home in your bed, it can also be done very easily when ever needed in everyday situations. Improvise, find your own ways.

That’s how simple it is my dear. Always be connected with love and forgive yourself if you sometimes stumble. Get up quickly into the radiant heart that you have access to so much stronger now than ever before in the history of humanity. And thats’s a long time, it’s eons of time!

You have now entered the era that you for so long have dreamt of. Now it’s just about being love, being joy. You can do it. You know you can. That’s why you are here; because you know that you can, because you have chosen it. Because you knew you were strong enough to choose love when it really mattered. Now the time is here so let love flow in your life!

The Galactic Federation of Light wish to come in and assist in the process. I therefore say thank you for this time.

Your brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara



Galactic Federation of Light:

Dear ones.

As Sanat Kumara started this message, it is now about getting ready.

He gives you very clear and simple techniques that you can easily use, so use them.

Mark his words; It’s light, it’s easy. It’s about an energy shift.

Feel within you, can you raise your frequencies now, at this moment?

Close your eyes and feel.

Can you make your cells light up only by sending them an impulse to shine?

You can, you can all do it. You may not think you can, but you have the ability, it’s just about putting it into practice.

You are light beings and you are to be these light beings now.

So beloved sisters and brothers, do not hesitate anymore, let your light shine, let it come alive.

This should be top priority for you.

All that you wish for is to be found in the Light, so speed up to get there! And KNOW that YOU are important, KNOW that this is your mission.

Do not hesitate anymore.

Raise your vibrations now!

With Love and Light

Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse