Love is our new reality

The Sirian High Council via Zane Morgan, April 11th, 2021

Greeting’s beloveds. We are the Sirian High council. It is a pleasure to share with you in a continued manner.

We come forth with these messages, trusting we can share and impart wisdom to all that come across them. The one Zane has been delighted to see the amazing response you have all shown to this process. What this shows is a willingness for all to come together and share similar ideas, messages and intentions. It shows on a larger scale that you are all connected and ready to receive what we must share. It brings us great joy to see you all coming together in this manner. Even if you are not able to see it physically, it is there energetically.

You are all coming together energetically now. You are beginning to merge once again in consciousness. Yes, you are always One, but what we mean here is the collective of planet earth is starting to unite and become whole again. The reason for this is, you are all starting to seek truth and understanding. Each person is starting to realize there is so much more than just eat, work, rest repeat and all are beginning to stir from their slumber.

The reason for this is you dear ones. Those of you who are at the forefront of this great change over. You are the reason the pot is beginning to stir, and the collective is starting to remember its true self, connected as one consciousness upon the earth.

It is through the hard work of you all that this is occurring. It is as you all discover more of who you are in essence, that unity begins to return to the earth. And we are in such joy to see this. Even though the outer world does not reflect this truth, trust our words when we say, it IS happening.

The ones who created this distortion want you to see a world divided. They want you to see chaos and separation, for it is the fear of chaos and division, that keeps their little system operating. We use the word “little” with great intent. For what is their simulation compared to the totality of God, off Prime Creator? What is their tiny little game of division compared to an omnipotent, omnipresent Creator? We ask you to pause here for a moment and ponder this-

In a game of separation upon your planet, how does their amplifying of fear, compare to an unconditionally loving Creator? A creator that is present in every aspect of this little game. How can their tactic of divide and conquer even equate, in a universe that is totally present within every aspect of creation?

Even in the game itself, Prime Creator is present and giving love. For it is in the game of separation, that Prime Creator experiences seeming separation from itself, but Creator also sees the bigger picture. Knowing that this is not possible. Yet in the game, it seems so real, that it is truth. But Creator knows it can easily remember this is not so. And what we tell you dear ones, is that when you ponder the above question, you can do the same.

We ask that over the coming weeks, you regularly remind yourself of your greatness, of your totality and your connection to All That IS. For it is in this constant reassurance and checking-in, that you will establish a great connection of energy throughout the collective. So, it matters not who is “awake” or “asleep” for they are just third dimensional labels and categories. What matters is that you all unify and stand in your power.

Never see another as “asleep” for you were once that person, and did you see yourself as asleep in that moment? No, you did not, for you were only doing what you knew, and thought was truth. So, beloveds, do not categorise or place your fellow brothers and sisters in any sort of groupings. Instead, love them and where they are, because it is through this love and acknowledgement, you can amplify unity consciousness within the collective.

For if you look at another, who is not at the same point of journey as you and think “Wow… this person is so asleep and they are really lost and slowing us down” Dear ones, it is that thought which is judging another’s journey, and the pace at which they move, is it not?

The reason we are amplifying this message today is, many are still judging where your beloved, sweet brother or sister are on their journey. This is not how you move forward; this is how you amplify and give energy to the game of separation. Instead, love every single person, no matter where they are or how they act.

The ones who try and enforce the game of separation, want to amplify these things. So, they create people and situations to do so. They do this with the intent that others will either judge or fear this creation, and many are still falling prey to this trap.

You must love dear ones, that is all there is to it.

Love, compassion and mercy are the trinity of unity consciousness for this planet and you all must display them in order to bring this reality back to a place of joy and love. You do not get there by amplifying the game, you do it by seeing the game for what it is, and then loving greater than. You do it by seeing that the game as a mere speck in God’s ocean. A little blemish upon the surface of creation. A blemish that when tended to with love and compassion, will be seen as part of the whole and not something that needs to be feared or hated.

Yes, we are saying do NOT hate the game, but love it! For the Creator is also the game and it is through this realisation that you can remember that it is all part of the One. Even the darkest of moments must come from creation. All things stem from creation. And what is creation? Creation is love and growth and learning and expansion. Creation is One with itself, being and expressing as many, but knowing that all is connected and merely different ways and means of experience.

Step into the game to step outside of it. If you can grasp what this means, then you are starting to understand the process of creation.


Be in peace dear ones, for it is the truth. A greater want for experience and understanding is what births creation. For it is the balance of all things that lead to unity and realisation of the whole.


We are the Sirian High Council. We understand this message may be deep, but it is as you go deeper within, you find true beauty.


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