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The Swallows via Beatrice Madsen, August 1st, 2018

The Swallows

August 1st, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

We come with joy, with joyousness and send small puffs of energy and light to you – easy, playful and brilliant. Finally, finally it is happening. The light is conquering the dark and you can fly with us a bit higher up to higher heights. You will eventually reach heights you did not know existed – inside you and outside of you.

We can see how you more often adopt the higher solutions to your problems – how you let go of your ego in order to think of the best for the whole and we sing in the sky of joy for this. It is a big step and as you have a habit and imprint from earlier lives to maybe think more egoistically it is a small miracle when this happens. This is the real miracle in our time – when humans choose acts of love and light, higher solutions to conflicts and problems where the egos have during many long incarnations caused the problems and chosen destructive dark paths. Hosanna, we rejoice in this, over and over again.

We come with a very high, light frequency and we place these energy tracks in your sky. We have always been a counterbalance to the dark. They try to put dark smoke screens in our beautiful blue sky, which confuses your mind and make you sick. We push on like small light projectiles and put down completely different frequencies with uplifting energies for all of you and our beautiful green Mother Earth.

In order to have access to our energy you can visualize that your higher self is a swallow, who flies very, very high. This swallow can be like a bridge to your real higher self, before it has taken hold completely.

We swallows have a light and playful energy. We play all the time – race flying together and chatter, make loops and plunge, fly back up high into the clouds again and see you as small dots down there, in spite of the fact that we can feel your energy as if we were close.

We wish to reinforce your playfulness and what is simple and light within you. Listen to our chatter, lift the small swallow-wings you have inside you, chatter, play and tease the one next to you, have fun, jump and sing.

You humans have come a good way on your path. We rejoice.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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