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The Time Travelers via Iris Kähler, July 31st, 2019

07/31/2019 The Time Travelers – The Key

“It’s us, the time travelers, and we welcome you. It is a very special moment that appears because we are among you. Coming back from our journey we go into the planes of being to complete growth and love. We give you a key to transforming the Self and healing lower energies within yourself.

With the knowledge that we are at your side, a resonance is created within you that can singularly bring everything into healing and position. It is your desire to allow this or to reject it. Both are accepted. We are love. We are flow. We are connectedness with everything. We see your limits. Our center stabilizes you. We are going out, we are going in. We use system structures, wormholes, interstellar frequency systems, sublime interferences and God-intentioned systems to fulfill our ministry.

We are a unity of knowledge and love. We learn from the axial moments of freedom and knowledge. We are present and we protect you. Our service is the service to the worldly and to the beauty of being.

We give you the indication that you want to expand and adapt your alignment to see and understand more. We love you for your service but often you still go in the direction of doubt, darkness and discrepancy.

In love we give the key to the adaptations to the love of eternal being, to the completion of the Creator planes and to the acceptance of what appears in the now moment:






We spin you into the knowledge structure of being and love. Choose the love for all being.

In two weeks we will leave you. An exit from this dimension to expand the knowledge and to learn. We are eternally united. We are the time travelers. Light and love for a new age.“

Note: The time travelers are an ethereal group of beings. They come from a distant galaxy whose name I keep for my protection. For additional information read the first Time Traveler Channeling of 03/25/2018 (25.03.2018 in German) on blog page 5, thank you.

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