The Unicorns via Beatrice Madsen, April 29th, 2019

The Unicorns

April 29th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

We have come back to your atmosphere since some time back after being absent for a while.

We exist at an etheric level and collaborate with your etheric body. We are the ancient mythological beings and you can see us from so many depictions from your history. Something deep inside your soul recognizes us as an echo from earlier times – deep feeling of recognition and reunion.

We are of very high frequency and were forced to leave as the vibrations on the surface of Earth were much too low for us during a longer period of time. However, the agreement was that we would return at the time of ascension and now we are here.

Human Beings and us Unicorns had a close collaboration during the periods of Lemuria and Atlantis eras. This was during the time when your twelve strand DNA strings were not cut and you had access to your higher senses in a more accessible fashion.

We have with sorrow witnessed the enslavement of your senses and it is with much joy and solemnity that we observe the return of your twelve strand DNA, which is connected to a crystalline structure in your cell composition. We wish that you with your inner vision can see your twelve strength DNA as a harp, which is connected with your higher self. On this harp you soul force can together with your higher self play together with your higher self and you will come in unison with yourself, in the highest possible way.

Some of you can now perceive us on at inner level, but you will eventually also be able to meet us at an outer level, that is when the vibrations are sufficiently high. Be grateful my dear one, that the raising of the vibrations do not go too fast. If it went to fast you sensitive cells would not manage the process. You would then burn in the atmosphere like stardust and that is not meant to be. Slowly and surely your cells need to adapt and vibrate in unison with the higher spheres. The Kundalini snake is rising along your spine and sends out signals to all your cells that is awoken for each centimeter she moves up. Make sure you drink much water, sleep regularly and eat fresh well-cooked food. You are not always aware of how much lighter your bodies feel due to the activation of your light bodies, which mostly happens during the night. It is wisely designed that it sneaks up on you, just like when you were children and grew in length. You could not specifically feel that you grew in length, but all of a sudden you were just taller. In connection with this your light body cleans out your shadows and in order for this to happen they must be activated and become observed by you. Hold on dear ones, it will be easier once you have met these shadowy monsters and you will be more whole in yourselves. We can see how actively you work with yourselves and we are in awe of the fantastic work you do with yourself, each and each hour, minute and second.

Those what wanted to have you enslaved have split you with an immaterial sword so that you would not have the ability to be whole humans. They have also with great intent prepared about you not being good enough as you are, you must be perfect and constantly perform. In order to be entitled to love you just also look perfect, to the extent that this industry is gigantic from the desire to change the body to these ideals. Nothing can be more wrong and here you have ended up far from yourselves.

Us unicorns work actively as frequency holders and we work together with other mythological beings, such as the dragons and the elves. We are very much real and what is setting us apart is our mythical mix of innocence and responsibility. We are in our soul completely pure and innocent at the same time as we have the old one’s feeling for responsibility and thus we are beings who assume responsibility. Our horn sends out the highest frequencies and with our signals we help you to activate your crystalline cellular harp. We wait with innocence and patience to hear you play the loveliest of music.

In your highest service,


The Unicorns.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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