The Yin and the Yang | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, June 12th, 2020

The Yin and the Yang | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self

THE YIN AND THE YANG ~ Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – June 2020

All the world, the third dimensional world of fear is coming to an end. Love and light are pouring in. Life is so good. The fear paradigm is departing. We are beginning to feel the bliss, the joy, the love of our natural Heavenly Beingness.

We see chaos around us. The devil, the dark ones, the government behind the government have lost their grip, have lost their control over us. The old third dimensional paradigm is crumbling into dust.

This Planet Earth Human experience has been designed specifically for us by Spirit, in collusion with ourselves and our Holy Spirit Family, to grow us to greater heights of love and light.

In the Spirit Realm there is no fear. In the Spirit Realm camaraderie and communion reign. There is a great knowing and flowing of love. In that wonderful high frequency flow of Spirit, we wish only to be in the bliss and delight of togetherness, of oneness.

The flow of the love of Source energizes us. So, just being in that spectacular Heavenly vibration is all we desire.

Yet, Consciousness always wishes to expand. How to achieve that when we are in delight and communion with each other. And so, Consciousness and we, the drops of water in the ocean of God Consciousness, created the Material Realm.

We created all the Galaxies, Solar Systems, Suns, Planets, and creatures that inhabit this Universe. We created it so that we, whose Soul is a part of our great Spirit, could inhabit the body temples of the physical creatures that are in this Material Realm.

Our Soul could then experience other than the bliss of Heaven. Our Soul, that part of our great Spirit that we sent here, could feel fear. We, in our body temples could feel alone. We could feel separation from each other and fear of each other.

This is the great separation spoken of in all religions, in all great philosophies. We, on this Earthly plane, have the opportunity to grow ourselves exponentially to greater heights of love.

How to induce fear. We needed what we call the devil. Who was to play the devil in this great Shakespearian tragedy comedy play that is the Planet Earth adventure. How could we create this training simulator hologram experience that we are in.

So the illuminati, the dark ones, also called the government behind the government, the dark cabal, the powers that be, came to earth.

Here on Earth this devil has many names. We, as humans, in the third dimensional paradigm, do not realize that the powers that be are the devil. We have not even known, in our fear entrainment, that the powers that be are there.

We hear the devil spoken of, and we fear it’s some invisible force, but we do not understand how this devil works. How very cleverly this Planet Earth existence has been set up.

So, Humans were created to be loving and kind. To nurture their infants, to be empathetic towards each other. The powers that be, who constitute the devil, were to be narcissistic cruel and devious, controlling creatures.

Humans were designed to have no memory of their great Beingness. They were to learn by rote, by repetition. Words were to be the medium by which they were programmed. The medium used by the dark ones.

Every word that comes out of the mouths of Humanity creates their reality. You might say that the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate our reality.

So, when we think loving thoughts the world that we see is loving, when we think fearful dark negative thoughts, we get a fearful dark negative environment and Earthly experience.

And so, we kind loving Humans, were to be entrained and indoctrinated into fear by the devil’s evil words. We were to be taught to think that we were sinful and cruel and heartless. We were taught to see a very negative picture of our World.

We were taught that we should fear each other. In reality we are all powered by the same source that is God, love, Consciousness. That love that energizes us connects us as one.

That love that we feel deeply in our Beingness, when we are open to it, is God. That love is truly what we are. But that love, that Divine energy recedes into the background for Humans on Planet Earth.

And we allow ourselves to be taught separation and fear. We allow our vibration to be lowered so that we can feel discomfort and aloneness. So that we can be puzzled and hurt and alienated from each other.

By this manipulation we are able to feel fear. We are able to experience unpleasant, or not preferred events and happenings. And so, Consciousness gives us the experiences we need to grow ourselves from the fear entrainment back to love.

Words are used to teach us that we are pathetic, sad, unhappy creatures. Words are used to fulfill the agenda of the dark ones. To entrain us into what they want us to think and believe.

There are no accidents in this life. All the events that happen, all the words that are said to us, are opportunities for us to learn love, to learn what we prefer and what we don’t prefer.

Absolutely we find we prefer love and we prefer loving words. But, to get to that place we experience the opposite of love. The opposite of love, truly in the Spirit realm, does not exist. But here on Earth, it is very real to us.

And this opportunity is given to us by the devil, by the Deep State, by those beings who agreed to come to Earth and be the dark ones.

The Earth is an interplay of light and dark, of yin and yang. The devil is the dark. The devil consists of those who tell us falsehoods. The devil is those who inflict pain on us, those who give us false news and fake words. Those who imprison us with illogical and confusing rules and regulations. Those who invented money that we might feel the lack of it. That we might be in poverty and homelessness.

Those who would divide us by race, color, ethnicity, culture, religion, class, nationality and politics. We were taught to fear those who are different. We were taught that only that which we knew was right.

All others, with different ideas about life were wrong and sinful. This is how our Planet Earth adventure was designed. We have no memory of the love that we truly are.

We allow ourselves to be entrained into a false thought system. We allow ourselves to be taught that we are worthless, poor, sinful creatures who deserve only pain and hardship.

We allow ourselves to be indoctrinated with the idea that only by suffering in this life can we be in Heaven after we die.

So, now the truth of this great deception perception is coming to the light. The time of the great apocalypse, the great revelation of the illusional delusion, is at hand.

Planet Earth, and we Humans, are seeing the truth of the workings and manipulation of the devil, of the narcissists that have had us under their evil spell.

Wisdom is now ours. Wisdom and discernment come as we raise our vibration up from the depths of disillusionment to the height of love and light.

Our Human bodies and brains, our intellect, were made to think we are separate. We cannot ascend or realize our true nature through our thinking for our thinking was made to separate us.

We can only realize our true Heavenly Beingness by feeling the love that we are, in knowing there is no separation.

So feel the love that you are. Just be, just breathe. Do not analyze and make lists and think convoluted thoughts. Meditate connect with your Soul your true Magnificent Beingness.

Hear the still small voice of your Soul through your intuition. Follow its direction and you will move beyond fear back to love.

You are great and grand magnificent Beings of love and light who have lived challenging Human lives. It is now the time to return to love, to feel the love that you are.

These are wonderful times indeed. Heaven, Nirvana is our inheritance and we are very grateful.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings indeed.