Love is our new reality

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Thoth via Kerstin Sisilla, March 25th, 2019


March 25th, 2019

Channel Kerstin

I am Thoth. To build pyramids was one of my roles on Earth.

Live in the now, enjoy the moment of the fact that the moment of change and metamorphosis is here. Your planet Gaia returns to your former beauty and balance. There are just a few more parasites that she needs to shake off before the plane is completed.

You are part of the plan and you are her friends and longstanding allies. When Gaia, with your great help, regains the complete connection with all her aspects and all her elements you humans also will regain your memories about your origin, your symbiosis with Mother Earth/Gaia. You remember and see all the nature beings that are all around you and your love for them is rekindled. You will rejoin your friends the whales and dolphins and also in this way make amends and restore the oceans so they can live well. Also animals living on land, from the large elephants to the small homeless creatures, you can make conditions decent for.

When the last blood sucking parasites have been removed from Gaia the inventors will appear, or rather those that have regained their memories, and disclose methods for the cleansing of the planet for the good of all. You will even meet your friends the unicorns, dragons and other loving animals that have fled the Earth, because of how they have been treated.

You are heading into a very light future so be of good cheers. The helpers from the spiritual world from far and near are close to you. They are ready to take action if this is needed. They can be of assistance with what you wish for. It is quite possible to communicate with us even if you cannot see us – yet.

Live in the now and in joy, love and gratitude over your beautiful planet Mother Gaia who is birthing you. The future for humanity is shining bright. See you soon, dear friends.

Your Thoth, which is one of my many names.