A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, March 27th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

March 27th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightworkers,

During times like these you need to go within often and focus on what you feel in your heart. Many of you still are in turbulent changes with yourselves and there are those of you who think you no longer have the strength to complete your transformation. However, those of you who feel this way should be aware that it is exactly you who in truth are the heroes who do the largest changes of you all. You are the ones who have taken on to do a global job for the benefit of all humans at the same time as you catch up with yourselves with gigantic energy steps during a short period of time. Believe me when I say you will have the strength.

As what is waiting for you all now is something very unique. You have all started to land in a whole new place of yourselves – A place that makes you happy on Earth. During the old times you have for the most part had your own consciousness in the higher dimensions of yourselves. This has been necessary for you as you lightbeings have had an important mission to bring down light to Earth through your open channel, but now your focus will be more and more redirected towards yourselves as human and life on Earth. You will feel how your soul comes to life in your body. You will feel how it starts to move inside you and maybe you will feel that it shakes loose readily in order to find its way back to itself. Your root chakra are now shining when you now bring down more light from the higher dimensions of yourself to your consciousness on Earth – you ground yourselves and you heal old fears and sorrow.

A feeling of curiosity is awakened in yourselves to get to know yourselves anew. Some of you will start to see all the colors of the soul within you or you will feel an intensive need to receive more colors around you at home and at work. Maybe you will go shopping for a colorful painting and hang it on the wall. Maybe you start to get interested in art galleries and or to cultivate colorful flowers at home in your garden. What actually is happening is that when your colorful soul wakes up inside you will directly want respond with creating more colors in your physical lives.

You will now with each cell of your body that you are anchored in the light at the same time has the task to be your unique human self on Earth. Your new experience of yourselves will be very inspiring for you and you will feel a strong wish to get to know yourselves again. You are reborn and this time you will love it.

You have in truth opened up the portal for the era of great changes on Earth. A new world has opened up for you – A world that has always existed on Earth, but to which you have not had access as you have not been able to see and experience that dimension. A “New Eye” will now open up within you resulting in your ability to witness several dimensions on Earth at the same time. You will experience that you can see the lives of the old era and events and the people who decide to remain there. You will experience the color scale there as a little dull and you might feel a heaviness resting in the whole dimension. Then you will also be able to see the dimension of the New Era where everything is more colorful, the air more clear. You will feel joy here and everything feels more possible for creating. You will experience that the old dimension feels like molasses and inflexible while the new dimension feels quick and rapid and immediate. You will be able to walk between the dimensions and be there when you want to and be the one you want to be.

Your own conscious acts of creations will not pick up real speed until you have stepped over into the new dimension. The reason is that you are not to create from the frames of the era when you step into the new Era. In the new dimension you will no longer wish to create that which you have dreamed of in the dimension of the old era. You will acquire new values and your wishes will be fully in line with your soul’s wish for you. Most dreams that you have had in the old era have been based on the collective perception of what you want to have and wish for yourself. In the new dimension your soul will express what the unique and fantastic YOU wish for yourselves in life and this it has never done before. These wishes will then manifest very quickly and they will generate happiness and joy in your lives very rapidly.

Massive changes are taking place within yourselves right now so be loving towards yourselves and let your soul be able to speak within you. Give yourselves love and put your hands on your heart and root chakra many times per day and FEEL. Feel what is happening in you, feel your own feelings – feel what your soul conveys to you.

You are fantastic who have the strength to carry out this journey. You are fantastic having gone from the most low frequency experiences to now starting to wake up to your high frequency and happy time on Earth. Let go of the old and welcome in the new into your lives. Feel trust in that you are loved and that everything is taken care of for you, in every little detail.

We love you.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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