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“Thumbnail” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Wednesday – June 21, 2017

“Thumbnail” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Wednesday – June 21, 2017


The game changing hammers are about to drop across all arenas of GCR/RV study.

Below are a few thumbnail assessments of each discipline of intelligence, less any too specific detail for the sake of not ruining a good thing as it is actually happening.



There’s so many final GESARA pieces now snapping into place, in every continent, it’s hard to sum it all up.

Saudi Arabia changing leaders was shocking. Like shocking shocking. That news came out of nowhere and in the middle of the night.

Only a performing GCR/RV could have made that happen.


Security focuses against the super duper bad guys (in space) and redeemers from themselves (on the ground) which is always in process.

GESARA’s “do no harm” mandate makes the only real protocol for mass destruction weapons and warfare is that they no longer exist.

Hard to believe? Tough. That’s what we are witnessing. Dunford’s day job is reducing military capacity, human forces and over spending.

Killing for the sake of killing is over.


Our restored Republic government is not only active while in wait, but ready to be brought forward publicly as Trump is being cut off at the knees hourly by the entrenched Washington swamp.

When is Speaker Ryan going to be announced as Republic President? We anticipate right before or right after the July 4th weekend.

Does the RV happen before or after this transition of power? That’s the million dollar question. Because if it’s before, they gotta go soon, and by soon we mean tonight or tomorrow.

Trump has a Friday morning interview already planned to be aired on Fox.


Rates climb, screens flash, exchange centers militarized, global computers sync, quantum satellites hum, sovereign debt erases… what else do you want?

I know, Yosef, just get us the digits man.

Well from the looks of things last night your digits will be coming in a shotgun start on live TV–via the Emergency Broadcast System.

Might be smart to pre-program your DVRs tonight between the hours of 12-4am.


North Korea, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, France, Great Britain… all long-term Republic positions are being handled by Ryan loyal career diplomats (with Obama’s shrewd consultation).

Trump takes every wrong position intentionally–as the more he muddies the political waters, the better his amnesty package is in exchange for his resignation.


They’re freaked out. Most in network news and last scale newspapers know what’s going on with he GCR/RV. And they can’t say a word or risk being thrown into jail as well as lose their currency exchanging privileges.

Just last night as late as 02:59:55am EDT they were ALL preparing to deflect mass consciousness away from the GCR/RV roll out.

God is with us.