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Tim in Agartha via Kerstin October 13th, 2018

Tim in Agartha

October 13th, 2018

Channel Kerstin

Sister, I want to tell you about us who live in the middle of the Earth.

I am Tim. We who live here in Agartha are your brothers and sisters. We have followed you for thousands of years and do so still, with love, admiration and expectations. It is not dark here – the Central Sun is shining with its eternal pleasant light. The rays are not harmful, but healing.

We do not run around and stress as you do, but often take breaks in our work in order to socialize or dance. Each one of us chooses the work according to interest and the workdays are short. There are wonderful carpenters, bakers, actors, musicians and chefs who work from their heart. Since we do not have any monetary system we work for the pleasure of it – in order to contribute with something to the collective. We prioritize having time for enjoying ourselves together and feeling joy and togetherness.

Toxins are not used here, neither during cultivation or otherwise. We do not use the resources of Earth, but use free energy that emanates from the central Sun’s magnetic field. Nicola Tesla discovered the free energy during his time on Earth. That research got an abrupt end.

We heal physical illnesses easily. There are plenty of places for meditating in order to keep the inner balance and there are always a fellow human to talk with. Nobody needs to be alone, if he/she does not choose to.

Agartha is bigger than you can understand. Here, outside of our cities there are areas with undisturbed nature. All of Earth’s native peoples are represented here, as well as Earth’s all animals. The animals live freely and undisturbed. If they temporarily want to be in touch with humans they choose so by themselves. We have some domesticated animals, as dogs, who live very close to their master and communicate via telepathy.

The power of thought is big here. We communicate, as the animals do, via telepathy, with each other and with you. We create most things with thoughts and choose which clothes we wish to wear for the moment, for instance. Everything that is positive can be created here.

In order to help you some of us choose to be born on the surface of Earth. Some of the children remember from where they came, others not. Regardless, these children spread love, joy and hope to you. They come with thoughts about justice and with knowledge about the universe. You have much to learn from them. When you need to raise your energies, do so with the children, dance and play!

Many of the physical connections between us were necessary to shut down for the sake of Mother Earth. War, ravaging and toxins have, as you know, destroyed too much on the outer Earth and we were forced to prevent the spread to the inside. Otherwise it would no longer have been possible to reconstruct Gaia. We have a close connection with the Galactic Federation of Light and the Council of the Wise. Thus we are well aware of what is happening in the Universe.

You have had a long and arduous time with much darkness. The dark is now in the process of being dissolved. We look forward to and long for a rapid reunion with you, beloved sisters and brothers. As we wait for this moment you are welcome to receive our healing, maybe by visiting one of our temples, made from jade or other powerful precious stones. You are not exposed to various religions in our temples, only the pure power of love, which comes from all ours common creator, Source/God.

Love to you all from all of us





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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