Tim in Agartha via Kerstin Sisilla, July 27th, 2019

Tim in Agartha

July 27th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


Beloved friends on the surface of the Earth, I am Tim in Agartha – the inner world of Earth. It is wonderful to observe how you absorb the light that is growing in strength all around you. Many of you experience in the middle of this glimpses/flashes with memory pictures from your current life and also from earlier incarnations and experiences from other places in the Universe. You are no longer impacted negatively by these re-experiences, neither emotionally nor physically. On the other hand you get events explained to you when you see them in the New Light and feel calm and liberated. Also in the physical body tensions are relaxed and illnesses recede through this conscious or unconscious looking back. You live every day more and more in peace both within yourselves and with your surroundings. When peace increases in the heart the powers of love also increase, plus the empathy and the ability to live in the now.

Here in Agartha, in the enormous underground library of Porthologos all your history and all your experiences are stored. Each and every one’s soul’s collected experiences during each incarnation on the surface of the Earth are collected here, as well as those of your fellow humans. The history of the creation of Earth is also preserved here. All this knowledge is available here for you whenever you are ready for this. Mikos, who is the guardian and in charge here in Porthologos, says that the activity has now increased very strongly. Many energies are circulating since much knowledge is gathered by you and comes to the surface.

With the peace steadily your mind you are not much impacted by the disclosures, but understand that in this moment is time to bring everything to the surface. It gives you a feeling of liberation and a rising happiness. Since you also come closer old friends, brothers and sisters, that you have suppressed the memory of during many many lives your heart beats extra out of joy when you now regain the connection. You now really experience that it is in your heart that you have the whole truth. Through the peace in your heart and your increased acceptance in the now of the end of the era you enjoy the now. You can see opportunities for positive developments and develop ideas that often are inspired by your Higher Self and you can thus create what it is you want – the world in truth, peace and freedom that you so long have, all of you, have longed for. You understand that everything on the surface of the Earth is and always have been an illusion – a playing of roles. You are now completely free to play the role that you are created for in love and Light, since all that exists is love and Light. What has been created by the Creator’s Light and Love cannot be anything else. Everybody is equally close to the Source/God/The Creator and thus equally divine. When you now realize this truth you understand you understand The Whole.

Beloved friends on the surface of the Earth, Brothers and Sisters, we love you so much and look forward to having you coming closer to us. We all have such good memories of you, both from Gaia and other planets and we long for the moment of reunion. When you find us you will also find yourselves and vice versa.

Mikos sends his greetings and encourages you to continue retrieve all you forgotten knowledge.

With all our love from Agartha through Tim.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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