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Tim in Agartha via Kjerstin Sisilla 15 August 2020, part 2


Tim in Agartha via Kjerstin Sisilla 15 August 2020, part 2


Hi. Tim here again with part 2 (smiles).

More and more of you on the surface of the earth are in contact with us ‘Agartians. More and more people remember that you too have a lot of knowledge about this world because you have stayed here – for longer or shorter periods of time. Sometimes we materialize so that you can then recognize us and remember better – or as in the case of Kjerstin here who knows what I look like because we had a short physical meeting on the earth in the 70s (1970s).

You who feel comfortable with the idea that there really is a life in the earth’s interior, you probably know us from ancient times. Now the energy increases on the earth’s surface have made it possible to get in touch much easier. Just search us through your inner self if you have any questions or want confirmation from us that we really exist.

Here in Agartha we have everything we could wish for. Above all, we have what so many of you on earth now long for and work for – we have peace between all different peoples and indigenous peoples – we have the freedom to live our lives in the way that suits us (as long as we do not in any way harms other beings of course).

We are close to laughter and joy because we work with, or rather contribute to everyone’s well-being, with what interests us, which can be anything from theater, art, good food, drink, music and dance. In short, we live in the moment and in our heart, which makes us happy and creative individuals. No one is alone or excluded here, but everyone who wants to can be part of the loving community.

On the face of the earth, there is a lot of talk about the climate and climate threats and also about endangered animals. Much of it is intimidation propaganda to keep humanity in the clutches of fear. Sure, you have all been involved in the mismanagement of Mother Gaia and her animals, but all this is turning now, in the time that is now – the time when all of Humanity is waking up.

You should know that Agartha is very large, with both large cities and areas with total wilderness where the animals can live undisturbed. Animals that have previously been exterminated on the surface remain here, as do representatives from all indigenous peoples. So do not be afraid – do not worry about the future of the Earth. That time is over because Light and Love have won.

Our beloved Mother Earth / Gaia has increased her energies in a radiant way, as have you Beloved Friends, Brothers and Sisters. Everything goes according to God’s plan, you know.

I have been asked how the cooperation between you on the face of the earth and Agartha can progress. One possibility that we have heard that many of you are interested in is spiritual centers that can be started (will be started) here and there on the face of the earth. Large “Light Stations” with very high spiritual energies where you and we can work together with healing (which we already do today, of course, without this physical gathering place). This is an opportunity you seem to long for, as well as music, art, library, theater, lectures. Everything is possible, not least contact with the Galactic Federation and other work units that you know or have not yet gotten to know.

Everything is possible in the future Beloved Friends. Understand that the time of slavery is soon over and you are free to live the life you have longed for. Free energy quickly puts an end to competition. When the toxins disappear from the surface, everything and everyone also becomes healthy and rejuvenated. This future is not far away – stay grounded, be in your heart and ENJOY THE LAST TRANSPORT DISTANCE You loved.

This was a message from your Sisters and Brothers and Friends, so all of us loving and longing here in Agartha through me Tim / Timothy Brookes



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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