Love is our new reality

Universal Mother Mary via Genoveva Coyle, December 13th, 2018


Two hands are holding glowing lights

Allow me to increase the clarity of your inner vision so you know when to step back and hold the space of love, and when it is appropriate to intervene and give support. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings! I AM Universal Mother Mary. I AM Mare’, I AM your beloved Mother, Mother of love and compassion, Mother of hope and Mother of all.

Dearest sweet Annas, I come to you in love and joy for you are so precious and dear to my heart! And you are so loved and cherished, because, as the special and unique children of mine, born from my soul and essence, you are to be beautiful expressions of love. And sweet child, I am here to say to thee that being love doesn’t imply that you have to be working hard, to constantly overextend yourselves in an effort to take care of everyone. Love doesn’t have to work and get overly tired, love is reaching out and nurturing gently. Love knows what to do, love is to flow to you, through you, and out to all others! Anything less than this is not of the truth, but is of the human mind and its limitations!

You see, it is not my desire or my wish, to see you traveling this path exhausted and so depleted that you become vulnerable and fearful. It is not in my plan, and it is not what my heart is asking you to do. For even if you are capable of coming home often to replenish your sweet selves, it is not for you to take on the burdens of the others – be they your own children, partners or close friends and family, or even distant clients or patients – those whom you see as your soul family. It matters not, for just because you feel you can do it, this does not mean that it is in your plan’s design, and therefore nor is it of any purpose or service to me.

Remember that everyone is being lovingly tended to directly by Me, or by my angels in the higher realms or in form, and you do not need to give every single part of yourselves to assist others. Being supportive and loving is not the same as giving all that you have to others!

Be gentle and considerate of yourselves! Learn to nurture and tend to yourselves and to your own needs first – always! Balance yourselves in every moment in your joyful hearts! And then learn how to flow within my infinite ocean of time with ease and grace. There are times when you simply float on the surface, allowing the sun to flood you with light, and times when the currents of my love take you wherever you need to go; and there are times when you need to dive deeper, to the bottom of the ocean, to find the gems and the treasures hidden there for you to discover, recover, and take home.

And dear hearts, at these times of deep search, you need the whole energy, the strength and the stamina of your entire being, so that you can withstand the strong currents and the darkness of the lows through which you are traveling! That is possibly not as efficient as we might want it to be if most of what you do is use your strength and energy and allow it to be scattered away to hold on to and support others who could swim and float on their own.

Let me take you by your hand and swim with you! Allow me to activate and increase that clarity of your inner vision so you know with certainty when to step back and hold the space of love, and when it is appropriate to intervene and give support. And dear angels, when I am saying to thee you need to step back, it doesn’t mean that you are leaving and deserting your loved ones! No, it means that you are to hold the space of love and support, and then allow everyone to follow their chosen journey, with or without their scenic detours or so-called mistakes!

You are my emissaries of love, you are my messengers, you are the holders of unconditional love and utter acceptance of every single creation of mine, and of everyone – no matter how far they have ventured from the path of light! We are not abandoning and leaving anyone behind! But I do need you to tend to yourselves first, to remain strong and joyful, full of vim and vigor, and to love yourselves just as I love you!

Stay with my love and peace! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.