Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, 13 november, 2021

Healing for Humanity: A Reading with Universal Mother Mary

This is a reading with Kathleen, with Linda Dillon and the COL, and Kathleen’s circle on April 25th, 2015. As with all sacred undertakings we begin with a prayer.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved saints, Ascended Masters, enlightened beings, star brothers and sisters, wise profits, beloved saints, Council of Love, we are your children and servants, companions in spirit and in form, Kathleen and Linda, recommitting our lives, our souls, our journeys to your care.

We come this day for help, for understanding, for expansion, for the completion of our Ascension and that of humanity’s, for the complete elimination of any false grids, illusions, core issues.

We come for passion and compassion, for sacred union, for sacred circle, for relationships that are meaningful, for family harmony, for community harmony, for world peace, for rain, for perfect balance, integration, grace, clarity, purity, wonder and awe.

I pray to be the best channel in the Universe, to be the Love, the Light and the Voice of One. I pray that Kathleen learn and receive immediately absolutely everything that is for her highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

In this we join our Hearts and pray. Amen.

Greetings, I Am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Change, Mother of Fulfillment, Mother of Constancy, Mother of All, and Mother, sweet angel of thee, and yes, I come with your circle which is robust to say the least, and I remind you of your beloved Catri’anna, beautiful Angel of Blue.

Do not ignore your blue (hope – the bedrock from which All, the Mother/Father One emanates, forgiveness of everything) sweet one.

I come forth to nurture, to heal, to share, to expand, and to discuss the fulfillment, not merely of My Tsunami of Love, but of My Divine Design, and it is the fulfillment of this very small particle of My Plan that is at hand.

And yes, there is still much chaos and mayhem and distraction upon this sweet Gaia, but do not think for one moment that this cannot be eradicated in the blink of an eye.

There can be no clinging to the old, to the old paradigms, for they have no where to anchor.

Are there many human beings trying to find a foothold in what no longer exists?

Yes, and will they succeed? No.

Now I know, beloved angel, you have many things that you wish to discuss with me this day even though you are surprised that I stepped forward because let’s face it, it is time for truth speaking, but it is also time for you to be nurtured, held, cherished, restored.

You are doing well, and you have stood in the truth of your knowing, so where do you wish, sweet angel, to begin this day?

Kathleen: This is a big surprise! Thank you very much for coming through.

UMM: It is my joy.

K: Can you explain to me what is happening — why the energy is coming down around me and up and out.

UMM: It is the energy of transmutation. . .

What you are doing is acting as a transmuter, and so there is energy that is coming up from sweet Gaia; there is energy that is being sent up, also, from the various kingdoms, but sometimes they simply enter mid chakras.

They come from your star brothers and sisters via the Halion. They come also via the Halion Bridge or the Umbilical Bridge. What comes through the Umbilical Bridge is that which is of addictions to drama, to pain, to sorrow.

Some comes directly from me. Some comes from all the circle that surrounds you. Some comes from SK. Some comes from St. Germaine.

You are receiving energies. . . they overflow and they go out. . .

K: At one point I started feeling really insane, I wasn’t transmuting it then – I was feeling it.

UMM: You were feeling the insanity of the planet, and that is umbilical along with solar plexus because it is that energy which is insane that believes that they are actually in charge. . .

I have picked up the human race, Gaia.

I have re-positioned what you think of as time.

Now most human beings will never understand this until post-shift. It does not matter, but you are able to accomplish in a very shortened period of time, what previously took hours.

K: Thank you. It is so good to talk to you. Thank you so much.

My Goods

K: Is this what you would like, for my goods to go out to the planet? I really like doing this.

UMM: It is part of what you do. It is your pink and blue creations of beauty. It is an anchoring of your energy into that physical form.

All your transmutation is going into your work. That is why it is expanded, so when someone receives in the mail, in a gift, one of your cards, one of your items of embroidery, anything, they are receiving a gift of Love and transformation.

It also helps you. We are finding the balance. When you are working on your beautiful creations, you are also anchoring into the physical realm.

Now, you are anchored in the physical realm, anchored in the 7th dimension, make no mistake about it.

The Dragon Family

K: Who is in control of the flows of the ‘big money’? Could you clarify that for me?

UMM: The Chinese Dragon family is the primary controller of these monies.

It has not changed and it will not change — oh for some time — so there are many people what we would call minute players, and we include in that nations that believe they are in control or influencing or having input, but truly it is simply the Dragon Family.

Creator Self, Detachment, Priorities – Being Love

UMM: You will continue to create, and transmute, and do your work. . .

You are in your creator self, but the other piece to this is, that the detachment (from waiting for things to happen) has taken place.

The detachment makes it (waiting) unnecessary because the priorities are in place.

It (the priority) is teaching, living, Loving, laughing, playing, living, BEING.

And it isn’t about — I don’t know how many times I have asked through my beloved Mik-ha-el (Archangel Michael) for the human beings to pay attention to their spiritual currency, so if you are standing there simply waiting for the money to resolve your problems, your dreams, your issues — it will not happen.

Fallen Angels

K: Archangel Michael, Mik-ha-el, told a story about Lucifer. . .

UMM: It was to teach you compassion.

There is an entire group of what we call the fallen angels.

Now that does not mean that they continue to be fallen, but what it does mean and particularly now with this issue of resolution, elimination of what we would call authoritarian ego or pride — and we do not mean pride as in proud — we mean the aberration of pride.

Those who have strayed and we do not mean simply a scenic detour.

We mean very profoundly and deeply strayed, and who either have been brought Home, or are in the process of being brought Home, or are in the process of deciding if they will relinquish enough to be brought Home.

And when I say Home I mean — shall I say back into the Fold — they are requiring — even though their ego does not know it — deep compassion because they have forgotten or they have ignored their unity and their connectedness to me and to All.

So did you gain insight into a great deal? Yes, but do not label, and do not judge, sweet one.

K: You forgive everyone so we forgive everyone.

UUM: That is correct. No matter how heinous the crime, the action – it is forgiven.


The Gift of Money

K: Money is a symbol of control?

UMM: It can be. Money that is given purely as a gift of the heart is a gift of gold. It is a gift of joy. It is a gift of creation.

It is a being saying,

“Here, share my abundance.

“Share my wealth.

“Share my joy.

“Share my creation.”

If it is given in any other way, it has strings.

And what has happened in the realm of human existence, in small ways and in massive ways, is that individuals, nations, organizations, structures, institutions give money thinking that it is a gift — we’re not talking about banks, etc. which are usury — but we are talking about the gift of money particularly, and often the giver assumes, ‘I am giving from my heart’ but truly it is an exercise in control.

Foundations, Non-profits, Businesses, Creator Selves, Healing

K: The new foundations that spring up — the non-profits give from the heart?

UMM: And the profits (businesses) can give from the heart.

The rich man walking down the street who has made his money, can we say in curious ways, some honest, some dishonest, walking down the street, meeting the beggar — and it was the same when I walked the Earth — and they give the beggar $20 to stop bothering them or because he feels that he better do it.

That is not a gift. That is trying to buy and very cheaply.

Now the person that walks down the street, and gives a dollar out of compassion and empathy and the recognition that different circumstances you would be on the street, that is a gift.

The rich person who lifts the beggar off and says,

“Let me take you home.

“Let me find you a home.

“Let me get you into rehab.

“Let me clothe you.

“Let me feed you out of compassion.

“That is the gift.”

So there are many non-profits that are supported by wealthy institutions, companies, individuals who are simply giving for a tax break, for a sense of I can say,

“I give, and that I am a generous soul, and that it will assuage my guilt.”

So, do not err, dear heart, in thinking that if the money is coming through a non-profit that it is pure or that it is coming from a profit that it is impure.

It is the intentionality behind it.

K: The non-profit can transmute that money that has come from the one that is doing it for other reasons?

UMM: If they are aware enough to do so — yes.

K: Is that a position that the re-patterners will be in?

UMM: Yes.

K: The transmutation of the money out to the world with no strings attached.

UMM: That is correct, and the true teaching of how to createso that this need for multiple, multiple, multiple organizations to take care of the distressed, of the poor, of the down-trodden, of the dis-enfranchised disappears.

That is My Plan.

So are the non-profits there, and the profits, because they have social responsibility? Are they there to help the transformation? Yes.

But My Plan is, say in 10 years, that there is no need.

K: Beautiful – this is the healing of humanity?

UMM: Yes.

Healing from Apologies, Forgiveness, Compassion

K: Lord Melchizadek talked to me about apologies being a big part of the healing of humanity. I’ve received some and they are enormously healing.

UMM: You have learned the power of forgiveness and compassion.

Apologies, receiving a genuine again, “I’m sorry” — when someone says that truly from their heartit is a request for forgiveness.

And so, in the person receiving the apology, it is not only the transmutation and what I would call the rectification of an injury, it is an expansion of the receiver to then from a higher realm grant forgivenessand feel compassion.

K: The release of addiction to pain. . .

UMM: That is correct because as it comes in, it is transforming — it is the acknowledgement — it is the healing of the wounded warrior.

K: I would never have believed, but I saw it within myself. My addiction to caffeine disappeared overnight.

UMM: Because you didn’t need it anymore.


K: Is Love a verb?


Love is a verb.

Love is a noun.

Love is an adjective.

Love is an adverb.

It is everything.

Use it how you will.

K: Beautiful.

UMM: Go with My Blessing.

K: Thank you so very much for coming through and talking to me. I really really really appreciate it. I Love You So Much.

UMM: You are welcome and I Love you.

K: Thank you.

UMM: Farewell.

K: Farewell.