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“Why is it So Hard to Defeat the Cabal?” – by One Who Believes, October 21st

“Why is it So Hard to Defeat the Cabal?” – Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 7:00 PM EDT on October 21, 2016


Why Is It So Hard To Defeat The Cabal?

You are probably thinking that these delays and continued problems are a sign that the Cabal is all powerful like the wizard of OZ, but they are not. Frankly it is quite the opposite. They could be squashed like a bug, wherever they stand, in the blink of an eye, by invisible sovereign soldiers, and they would never see it coming.

So Why Don’t They?

Now you have hit upon the real question and with its answer, you will understand the real problem. This is a Vibrational Universe where like attracts/elicits like and you have the additional problem that we are all one. Let’s see just how complex this problem really is.

First How Did We Get Here?

The first big understanding is that this current problem was deliberately created to experience duality, where things could get really bad, and then in the end, be turned around and become good again. This is our great learning experience, that once we mastered it, we would move to a higher Dimension (Evolve/Ascend to 5D). This is no different than a Mario Brother’s video game, where you spend numerous lives navigating the lower World, until you have finally have mastered it, and moved on to the next higher level (World).

So right now we are at the high point of Extreme Duality with a high need for solving this problem (Obstacle/Challenge) with the “Right” solution. This is where it gets tricky.

The Left Hand (Cabal) vs. The Right Hand (Light Workers)

We now have a highly developed and powerfully placed “Obstacles” (The Cabal) that we, as light workers, must successfully overcome. The Cabal are actually considered the ones who have taken the Left path, corruption, evil, etc. and we will say for our example they are the Left Hand. And we the collective Light Workers have taken the Right path of Love, compassion, and service to others, which we will call the Right Hand.

It is easy to see the first big problem which is any damage we do to the left hand hurts us all because at a certain energy place, we are all connected and are one. The second big challenge is to get the left hand to stop what it is doing without the right hand doing left handed things.

Let me say it this way. If we do evil things to the left hand, we are being evil like the left hand as well. When that happens the balance of Evil Vibrations (Energy) begins to shift to the Left Hand side. BUT! That is not the only problem with that action because we will then also be subject to the repercussions of like attracts like, meaning we have bad things happen to us as well. This of course is Karma.

See How Interesting This Is And Why It Is So Challenging?

If we as the light workers, just slaughtered all the Cabal, we would be acting like the Cabal, and therefore shift all our energy vibrations to their negative side. That is a Fail and we don’t move on to 5D. Also, by doing bad things we make ourselves the target of bad repercussions upon ourselves by Karma. Again that is a Fail, because the net result is more bad things happening to us (By our own Karmic Creations). This makes this final challenge of 3D experience so tricky…. But the reward is Ascension/evolution to 5D.

So What Is The Play In This Part Of The Game (Plan)?

So this part of the Game is more like chess. In chess, you can move pieces into positions that cut off the opponents movements. This would be like when we blew up their underground bases and retreats. We didn’t kill any of them because we warned them first, so they could leave. Now they cannot move or escape that way. This would also be like what is going on in Syria where we are giving them a couple of avenues to leave Applet to escape unharmed. Again, no one being killed, just herded like cattle.

Another move was cutting off their money supplies from the sale of stolen oil, drugs, and their ability to print their own money. Again, no Karmic damage by closing off the funding sources. No one killed for the most part.

Another move was to expose them to the masses through Intel leaks, and threatening positions that cause them to make bad moves on their own, all, without actually doing damage to the opponent directly.

Another move was starting a new and separate financial system that runs parallel to theirs that the rest of the World could use outside of the Cabal SWIFT, Banking, and Petro dollar systems.

All this is done while talking then into agreeing to surrender with great “Amnesty Deals” that let them live out their lives unharmed by us, the light workers. Again, no direct damage done, as the deals were agreed to by their own free will.

Remember That “Vengeance Is The Lord’s”

This is so easy to understand. If we, the light workers, took vengeance against these people, we would be doing “Cabal” type evil to them. While it might feel good in the moment, we would then not only add the negative vibrations of our act to the Negative whole (Left Side), but we would then be subject to receiving the negative Karmic consequences upon ourselves. That is a no win situation. Instead, we let them be, and let them receive justice by their own Karmic consequences which extend into other lifetimes.

This is why they keep giving them deal after deal, chance after chance, trying not to add to the negative vibration side and reap negative Karmic consequences themselves. In the end we win and evolve by backing them into a corner where they finally quit on their own (Surrender), because there is no way out, and no more money to operate with.

The Cabal Want You To Be Mad, Worried, and Take Negative Action

They know full well how energy works. If they get you to react by vengeance, hate, worry, or just getting mad, you “Fund” them energetically, allowing them even more time to regroup. But if instead of being mad at each other, or getting mad at what the candidates are saying, or what the fear mongers are promoting, you literally starve them of energy to continue. The Vibrational balance moves to the positive side successfully.

You Already Have It Made, We All Do

Don’t let anything worry you. They have been neutered and have had their teeth removed. All they have left is scaring you by posts that there is a war coming, or that the RV won’t happen, or that we are being invaded by someone or something else. There is nothing to fear any more. You already have it Made… Just accept that as true and hold yourself there until this is all over.

Also, don’t think Vengeance, think pity. We are about to be free for the next 1000 years of peace and prosperity, and they will suffer their own fates based on the Karma they have created for themselves. Don’t create that for yourselves.

Think of it this way. They played their part well, and so did we. In the end we have won using the “Correct” Solution, and will now move up to the next World (5d) for our just rewards of a game well played. Good for you and well done!!!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that just when we think it is ready to go, these Cabal actors renege on their deals and agreements and as a result we have to develop and proceed with a new “Work Around.” This is the game. Maneuver them into surrender (Check-Mate) not death.

Yes, we could just kill them all, but you can’t win the game that way and that is why it is so hard to defeat them quickly. We have to make very strategic moves so that they defeat themselves and that takes time and patience. Yes, in many cases there are flat out executions, but they are kept to a minimum to keep the balance of Vibrational energy on the positive side.

However, all that being said, it is almost over and the very last move is the public reveal of the new system. When it becomes public, you will know the game is over and we have won in the right way. So Be it.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes