Love is our new reality

Your Truth Is Your Power – Captain, via Zane, November 23d, 2021

A word from Zane-

Hello dear Brothers and Sisters.

I have not posted any messages for some time now, as I have been moving through my own inner turmoil and trauma. To move through this process to the best I my ability I needed to step away from this work briefly. Although I AM still working through this process, I have reached the point where I AM ready to continue with bringing forth messages of inspiration, hope and love.

I travelled to a very dark place within myself during this recent journey, but during this time, I continued to hear my Self say “Trust in this process, it is necessary and will not last”. It is these words that allowed me to go to this place of darkness within, and still manage to have faith and know that everything will be ok. What has only been a few months feels like a lifetime, but I AM now remerging and readying to birth the new.

Although I AM still journeying out of this place, I know that my vision and determination will ultimately bring about the change and expansion I seek.

As of last week, I have started to remember an aspect of myself that is currently operating on a Ship above Earth. As of this moment, I have little memory of this aspect, but the strong message I received was that I must begin to channel our message and energy. So, this is the first message I AM bringing forth from my Self. I know and trust that the deeper I go with this process, the more information that will be presented to me. At the time of channelling our message, I was told a name is not relevant, but as I made this post and wrote the title, he wishes to go by the title of Captain. Merely because he finds it rather humorous, that for me to put that in the heading makes me somewhat uncomfortable. Either way, I will not deny his message or his chosen title 😑 He says we all need to lighten up and find the humour in what is occurring..

I trust you will enjoy our words and energy. We wish to lighten the mood of the world.

Love and Blessings.


Zane and Captain (I shake my head, he laughs)




Dearest Earth Embodiments, I Am speaking to you today as an aspect of the one bringing forth this message, an aspect of the one Zane.

We watch over you always dear ones. We see you and we thank you.

We see many of you are struggling with what is happening. Many of you are being pushed into a corner regarding various mandates and schemes of nefarious forces. Know dearests, we are here for you to call on when the times are tough. Although we are not yet able to step into your physical reality, we can greatly help from the frequency in which we are located.

We see you dear ones, we love you, and we thank you.

We see the turmoil on your planet, and we wish for you to trust in the process and what is occurring. Although it is hard now to see the bright future that awaits you, know it is here for you to step in to. You can find this beauty within you dear ones. You can find all that awaits you, for it has always been there, but due to the heavy programs and distortion running on your planet, it has been difficult to do so.

Let go of things being too difficult. Let go and relax into your BEing, into the totality of yourself, for it is always within you dearests, it has never been outside of you.

You must find solitude through these challenging times, for if you get too caught up in the drama, then your mental state can deteriorate quite quickly. The dark ones are aware of all the work you do; therefore, they are trying to push you into a corner and break your connection to spirit, but you know that cannot be done. Although they may be able to create the illusion of separation, this is never truly possible, for if spirit were not present, then things simply do not exist, remember this.

Remember the well of hope, of love and strength within you. Remember that your connection to All That Is can never, ever be severed. You are always at home dear ones. You always have support with you. Call on your Ancestors when you are struggling and ask them to assist in taking the pressure off. Ask that we in the ships help carry the load. You do not need to do this alone; you are not doing this alone.

We watch over you always. We send guidance through synchronicities and signs. Pay attention to them. Listen to your heart. Trust your intuition, allow It to speak to you and tell you that all is well. Although things seem dark and convoluted, a bright future is being birthed and anchored into your reality, but as you know, the old one must first fall, and fall it shall.

Be the pillars of the new reality. Be the pillars of hope and truth for others to see. Stand strong in your truth and do not falter from threats or intimidation, for they are tactics of tricksters and deceivers.

This is about you reclaiming and standing in your power. Reclaiming your power as a Creator Being on the Earth. Then using this power to create beauty and joy and bliss and love, not to create what the system wishes you create, for you have been doing that for long enough. It is time to say no more. No more fear, no more suppression, no more poverty or lack or limitation. It is time to stand in your truth dear ones, and when you can stand in your true, authentic self, you also stand in your power.

Allow yourself to be loved and be in love.

For your truth can never be altered or severed. Your truth can never be broken. They can try to twist and invert it, but ultimately, they fail. Allow dear ones. Allow yourself to experience life on earth and all that it has to offer. Do not let yourself be pushed and bullied any longer. Stand up for what you know to be right.

In truth and love dear ones. This is how your planet and those on Her evolve, in truth and love.

It is in truth and love we serve you, and how you need serve others. We are always here dear ones. Trust. Have patience, go within daily. Remember dear ones. Remember. I Am here with you to see this vision birthed. I love you and I guide you.