Love is our new reality

Prime Creator via James McConnell, August 18th, 2018

Prime Creator

Greetings to you.

It is seldom that I, as the energy That I AM, am able to come through an individual to be able to speak to those in attendance, to be able to work with those that are special to me, special to me as my sons and daughters, my sons and daughters of Light. And you, my dear sons and daughters, are all of the Light. You came from the Light you are the Light. You can say you are the light of my eye. You are the expression of my love. And I AM the expression of your love.

From time eternal, from times in the beginning, we have been together we have been one, in times eternal as well, we will always be one. And you will come to a point where your consciousness will rise to a level that will be beyond your imagination, beyond your possible belief system. At whatever level that you are at at that time. Because life is always moving forward. Life is eternal. Life is constant. Consciousness is eternal. Consciousness is constant. And as you heard earlier, consciousness is everywhere.

I AM consciousness. I AM That I AM. You are that you are. You are the I AM Consciousness just as I Am the I AM Consciousness. We are all together as One. One in the Light, One sharing the Light, One spreading the Light, One being the Light.

When you hear, my dear brothers and sisters, Be the One, that is saying to you to be who you are, to be the expression of everything that you can be, everything that you have always been, and everything that you are now. Because you are in the moment, the moment of the expansion of Love that has never happened here on this planet except for those times previous to the human condition at this time. In other words those ancient civilizations that you study, that you begin to remember of Atlantis, Lemuria and many other civilizations that you haven’t even begun to understand, they are beyond. They are beyond what you are reaching for at this point.

But, in that knowing, you are reaching to a point where everything is going to become clear to you. Everything is going to become understood, revealed, because you are The Light. You are the Love. And as I said, you are the expression of my love for now and forever more.

I will leave you now. Trust. Trust in all that is within you. Continue to trust in yourself, believe in yourself, know thyself because in knowing thyself you become the self that you know to be.