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A Dragon from the United Dragon Collective via Kjerstin Sisilla February 25, 2020

A Dragon from the United Dragon Collective via Kjerstin Sisilla February 25, 2020


My friend, right when you came out today you thought of dragons. Maybe the wind and the changing weather got you thinking? After trying for a while to get back in touch with the People, I managed to penetrate your consciousness today. You have felt us, you have experienced us in something you believed to be a dream world several times in recent years. You have known our positive and loving energies, received our healing when you have been exhausted.

The connection today opened up when “this human” sat down on a rock in the forest. She saw blue-green energy dots inside her and felt Agartha’s strong energies radiate into the soles of her feet, from Gaia’s crystal heart. We dragons are near Original Mother, near the Source of Creation. We are in your hearts, everyone’s hearts, for you carry memories of us since ancient times, since your very first earthly life. Even you who have been beamed to Gaia later or “picked” later – even YOU carry these collective memories of us – the great Dragon collective.

Our message is that we are here on earth to stay. We help you cleanse and clean dense energies. We help you with healing your tired bodies when you believe in us and pray for us. We are light and love. Receive our love, receive our strength.

We dragons feel like newly awake out of a deep and long sleep. As more of you People wake up, we have become ever happier to be able to get closer to you. We are old Friends you know and we have collaborated before. When you feel ready – welcome up on the back of a dragon and we go out on an assignments as before. In the name of Love and in the name of Archangel Michael we transform everything heavily into Light, to Love, to Peace and Harmony. Join us, fly with us or pray for our magical, transformative healing.

We dragons love you Humans!

By a dragon from the great Dragon collective



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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