A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, May 5th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

May 5th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings, dear humans on Earth,

Open up your hearts to the New Era and let it wander into the consciousness that you, as humans on Earth, have taken with you here to use when you now let go of the third dimension’s chasing of time, space and physical objects.

The New Era is the era that you all have waited for. You have waited to let go of that which has held you chained to the energy of the enslaved era – the energy that have made you into slaves engaged in economic pursuits and participating in a power game regardless if you have understood this or not.

The New Era has liberation with it in its womb. The New Era gives you an opportunity to let go of all that has been hard at conscious level of humanity. In the world higher energies life on Earth has been a battle in your consciousness. You have been forced to believe that the one who is physically strong is more worth than the one who is physically weak and fragile, the one who is pretty as a photo model is worth more love than the one who is not. You have through the twisted filter of the dark been led to believe that you are not worth anything if you cannot perform, create large sums of money or that your life has looked a certain familiar way, profession wise and so on. Nothing can be more incorrect and when you understand this in your consciousness you are free to love yourselves again and others exactly as you are.

In the old time we talked about you becoming very happy in the Era. In your then consciousness maybe you saw in front of you how money would rain from heaven and that you then would be able to fulfill all your dreams about material things. Maybe you saw how you finally would be able to stop working and just travel around the world and stay in luxurious hotels and eat good food in abundance.

You can create money in the New Era and you can create material things and luxurious living, but in truth you will not need to do this in order to be happy and feel good. You can create exactly what you want in the New Era and it will happen infinitely faster than before, but for your creations to take form in the new Era they must spring from your heart and when you finally reach into your heart you will most likely not need to have material abundance any longer. This does not mean that you do not need houses to live in, cars for transporting you in, airplanes and so on. What we mean is that you will be satisfied with what you exactly need according to your heart in order to live a loving and confortable life.

Everywhere where you now are there are many blessings that your heart wishes you to see. There are beautiful colors in nature, there are beautiful creations in your home, there are valuable relationships in your live that you take for granted without seeing their purity and love. You have been living in a consciousness that has chased what you cannot get and taken what you have for granted. You have been misguided to ignore that which really was important to you all the way until the day when you for reasons of time or physical reasons must part from it. You have lived in a paradox where you really have not lacked anything, but where you have been forced to experience as if you lack everything. Do you understand – it has not been easy for you? You have been forced to chase after things that are not placed in your life instead of enjoying what you already have in your life. There is an expression – “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Do you understand – you have been misled by the low energies to only see the green grass on the other side instead of seeing that you already have much green grass where you stand.

To step into the New Era entails that you slow down on the temp in your every day life. You stop chasing everything that you think you want to have and instead start to savor what you already have in your lives. You will see that your relationships are worth taking care of and savor. You will see that your home is worth to put energy into so that you can create the paradise that you long for. You will start to enjoy yourselves and take care of your physical bodies in a very loving way. You will start to cherish yourselves and others with love and you will open yourselves up for more love and warmth. All of these new ways to look upon yourselves, others and your life in general will create happiness and wellbeing in your lives in a way that you previously have not been able imagine.

Let us now suggest that you ponder for a while every day during a period of time regarding what you already have in your life, which you will miss the day you step out of your human bodies and returning home to the light again – What you want that other humans will remember about you and what you yourself what to remember with you and others when some of you return home to the light from your Earth lives. When you do this you might develop another perspective on what you already have. Another way to think about these things is to imagine that you would loose everything that you own and have today, things, relations, jobs and so on. Then think about how it might feel and how glad you would be to get it back.

We in the crystal circles walk with you in your New Life. We are closer to you now than before when the energies allow us to be with you at a different level. We wish to assist you with everything you desire and we are only a thought away. Our hearts overflow with love for you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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