Love is our new reality

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A Message from Lady Hope & Archangel Gabriel via Shariq Mahbub, March 5th

Hope & Certainty

A Message from Lady Hope & Archangel Gabriel

Channeled by Shariq Mahbub on 3-5-16

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My dearest beloved ones,

I am Lady Hope, from the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions, where we, in the Archangelic Realm, in stepping-down frequencies, hold a space at this moment for your ascension, for your planet to resurrect the TRUTH, as Michael, as beloved warrior and representative of Source across all dimensions flows our energies, in coherent LIGHT and LOVE fields, to you, in this very NOW moment, I, Lady Hope, merged with my Archangelic Twin Flame, Gabriel, send to you vibrations and frequencies of a knowingness of the TRUTH of your Ascension at this very moment of your time, as you approach magnificent re-calibrations, re-orientations and re-FREEDOMs, right NOW, beloveds.

The fluidity of change is like the waves of the Ocean, where there are waves that come in and waves that recede.

And as much has come in, there is a moment for your planet where there is much being sifted, much being rearranged in terms of timelines for individuals, for the collective, and for Gaia.

As density is being healed expansively, as the astral planes are being bathed in light, as the HOPE that I hold, in the TRUTH of LOVE, flows through you, this touching down, this transmission, revitalizes, rekindles, reorients, your HOPE, your TRUTH, in your sacred heart.

With the following sound tones, as I re-fortify you further, into the TRUTH of your Ascension, as we flood you, in any density that you are ready to release now, with the HOPE, that is the TRUTH, that all is leaving, that you are being re-calibrated successfully, that this time is NOW to know that you are and have always been part of Source.

To know that you are and have always been seated upon your Ascended Mastery thrones, through the vehicle, in the successful arena that the Ascended Master realm holds to SHOW you it has been done, and as you, beloved Warriors of the Light, do this in form now, on your planet, you show All There Is how it is to hold the TRUTH in the beaconing of the sacred fires within your sacred heart.

And so it is.

HOPE fills you, as you re-fortify yourselves into the TRUTH of what already is.

[LADY HOPE brings through sound tones of HOPE]

In these times of change, beloveds, as you continue to recalibrate, know that, yes the waves might be coming in and receding, as you, in the fluidities of the flows of change, rapidly enhance your vehicles into the TRUTH, as LIGHT radiates from you, and you exhibit Ascended Mastery in form.

But also know the waves are on the beach, for you are on the beach, you are the beach.

You hold this vibration, your resurrect TRUTH, your re-amplify the knowingness of the fruition of these times, as your March Equinox is reached, and beyond.

Some on your planet will begin to see TRUTHs that they have never seen before in form, as veils have been released from the astral planes so successfully in the last days that we can step down, with expansive vibrations of HOPE, letting you know all is well and moving into the recalibrations with ease.

As the new holograph anchors multidimensionally, as you continue to see and resurrect your TRUTHs, know that the flame within your sacred heart is en-HOPE-ened even further into the TRUTH that all is being resurrected.

The energy of knowledge that has been held by the indigenous groups across your world, in the knowledge of the elements and the elementals, in the shamanic frequencies, is also re-awakening to higher HOPEs and TRUTHs, as the Galactic Shamanic frequencies that are being brought through on your planet at this time are enlarging the creative potentials of change.

We honor you for KNOWING, that, in form, you are God-Goddess, for KNOWING, in form, that you are LOVE.

And in this LOVE, then, I will now withdraw, as beloved Gabriel will address you in his LOVE for me, and for you and all there is, for some moments.

Many blessings, I AM LADY HOPE.

Beloved ones, I AM Gabriel.

As I behold each of you, I can say to you veritably that the separation frequencies on your planet, even though they are enhanced in this moment of turbulence and change, are being very much healed into the TRUTH of LOVE that overrides dissension, overrides separation and allows for a KNOWINGNESS as souls begin to see each other for the inner LIGHT that they hold.

In the vibrations of TRUTH that I hold, in my LOVE for Lady Hope, I allow you to tune into the frequencies of CERTAINTY we hold in the Archangelic Realm in a bandwidth of the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions in this transmission, stepping down through the coherent LIGHT and LOVE fields that Michael is holding, into your heart space, to not only give you HOPE, but the CERTAINTY of what is already manifesting.

Each of you listening to this transmission have been so successful, beloveds, not only in your own journeys of moving Karma, but of opening the portals of LOVE and LIGHT that have healed the astral planes to such a degree that we can bring this transmission through.

Know that you are the ambassadors of Source.

Know that you are the new frontiers of Ascended Masters in form to show what it is to be alchemically masterful, to be fortunated in every moment, to be the LOVE and LIGHT of Source.

In these vibrations, then, the TRUTH anchors further.

Many blessings, beloveds.

I and Lady Hope, on behalf of the Collective of Light and Archangel Michael, honor you.

You are resurrecting TRUTH.

You are FREE-ing yourselves.

And you are reaching the escape velocity of this Spring Equinox into your Ascension that is very present.

I congratulate you.

And exactly where you sit is perfect, and the TRUTH that you need, the guidance that you need, is provided by the Universe in every moment.

Many blessings,


We honor you in your journey that is already successfully anchored.

Many blessings.

Channelled by : Shariq