Love is our new reality

A Message From The Snails via Zane Morgan, October 27th, 2020


Blessings to you all.


Today I wish to share from the snail messenger, or I should say messengers, that came to me on the weekend.

We have just had some much-needed rainfall in our part of Australia. We have experienced some nice storms and good, constant rain over the weekend. This was well received by the local flora and fauna. One species that really made the most of it: the snail.

I was visiting a friend on Saturday night. We went outside to sit on the small porch that sits next to a large, grassed area. My friend noticed a tiny snail crawling up the wall. We both exclaimed that it has been quite sometime since we have seen a snail going about its journey. Then, to our surprise, we looked on the grass and it was literally crawling with snails! They were everywhere. All moving slowly across the grass as they made the most of the rain.

I found it very humorous, that it had been so long since I had seen a snail in the garden. To then see what could have been hundreds, crawling over the lawn. It was not by “chance” snail decided to make an appearance. Snail did not come without a message during what seems like a drawn-out process of change on our planet.

This is the message snail brings us –


We snails may appear slow, hardly ever getting anywhere, but this is only how the unconscious mind perceives us. When in truth, we are patient and reserved. We need not rush. We need not force our moves or journey, instead we wait. We find shelter and safe space. We wait. And when the time is right, we move again.

This is what you must learn and practice diligently. For why the rush? We snails know no time, we know no limits. For we may seem small and lacking in excitement, but we know our place and we know our journey. We know patience. We know when to move and when to rest. We await the rain, then we take our journey into the cleansing waters.

It is through the dry periods that we just be. We are comfortable and protected in our chosen place. We know no time, so we have no schedule. We have no place to be at a certain time. Instead, we move when we know the moment is right. This is what we wish you to do.

You are all so eager for change. So eager to “get on with it”. This eagerness to move forward takes you out of the ever-present moment. This eagerness takes you away from being still and calm. Just as we are still and calm. Knowing when to just be, when to move. We do not force movement. Instead, we wait until all aligns, then we act.

This is what you all must consider in these moments of great change. Many of you want to see ALL the changes right now. And this is just not possible. Take a note from us and just be. Be happy where you are. Find solitude in your current position. Then, when you know the timing is right, when all is in alignment, then make your move.

So many of you become frustrated, upset at the progress of your species. You get upset and frustrated that the changes are going “too slow” or are not coming at all.

Take a moment to picture our movement. We are one of the slowest moving on the planet. Do we get frustrated or upset because we move too slow? Do not be silly. For we know that our journey is timeless. That we will always reach our destination unless we are scooped up by another. But in the end, all works out, no matter the pace.

This is what we convey to you. Patience. Patience is the key factor to your current stage of change. For the universe is timeless. This means outcomes and “predictions” are constantly in flux. Shifting and changing constantly. So, the changes you wish to come are always in motion. Close one day then further the next. But with a snail’s perspective; this is irrelevant.

Change is inevitable. Change has been decreed by our Creator. It is coming no matter how the current situation appears. Force and being impatient hinder this. Just be, dear ones. Be in the moment. It is in the moment where true magick lies. It is in the moment where you can witness the magick of creation.

Trying to force a change or certain outcome is NOT going with the flow. Force is unnecessary and creates tension.

Be as the snail dear ones. Rest, trust and be patient.  This is all that is required. It may sound easy, but it takes dedication and trust within yourself. This is greatly needed now.

 So, heed these words and follow our lead. Move when the time is right. Otherwise, rest in what you already have. Rest in what you already know. Then when all is in alignment, movement and desired change occurs.

We are the snails. It is a pleasure to share these words with you. We hope you take this within your heart. Find the patience you need to enjoy all that the Universe has to offer.”


What the snails also wish to convey is; to take notice of all the small, seemingly minutia things in life. Give thanks and gratitude for the things we often look past. After writing this message today, I walked out and gave thanks to the beautiful bright green moss growing in my carpark at work. I appreciated the fact the moss was bringing natural beauty to an otherwise concrete carpark. It is little things like this that snail asks us to be grateful for.

Small growth poking through the cracked sidewalk. A beetle that decided to land next to you. A cool breeze that made you feel relaxed. There are so many things in life, things we encounter every day, that we can be grateful for. It is through appreciating these things throughout our day, that will greatly shift our energy into a positive, uplifting place.

We encounter so many “small” changes in our day to day lives. So much beauty that we often just walk by without even acknowledging. Snail asks that we begin to pay attention to this. The more we are grateful for the seemingly little things in life, the more spectacular the big changes will be.

Snail also asks us to be around the water as much as possible. Even if it is taking baths more often or walking by the river. Water is a purifier and cleanser. The more often we can be in its presence, the more we can become clear vessels for the energies streaming into the planet.

It is especially important that we cleanse and clear our vessels regularly. Swimming in either fresh running water or the ocean is the best way to do this. If you are unable to do that, have a shower or bath. Ask and intend that the water purifies and cleanses your layered body. Do this as often as possible.

We are now entering a stage where we are required to be clear and patient. That is why snail has come forth to share this. Follow what has been said and we will see how quickly the small things in life can shift our energy.


Peace, love and blessings.