Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, November 1st, 2020

Your Only Job is to Spread Love | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2020

Good Day to you our dear volunteer Souls here on planet earth in this great ascension time. Yes indeed, you are in the midst of the great awakening, of the great revelation, of the great apocalypse on this last day of October in the year 2020..

The apocalypse is the final destruction of the world as we know it. Yet, fear not. Our world will go on in a higher and greater way. This time is seeing the final destruction of the corrupt powers that be, the dark controllers who were appointed to give mankind his entrainment, his indoctrination into negativity and fear.

Their time is over. We are seeing their collapse. The earth is being lifted up to a higher frequency. Fear is being removed, both from our individual human psyche, and from our collective perception.

Perception for humans has, in this third dimensional journey, come through the five physical senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Through these senses we were eminently controllable. We could only know what we were physically exposed to. The dark ones knew this, and so they fed us the information, information – not the truth – that they wanted us to know.

They arranged what we saw, what we perceived, what information we received, according to their agenda. And they knew how we were susceptible to fear.

Our human ego feeds off fear. In the third dimensional, low vibrating frequency, where we put our attention is what gives us our perception.

Our dark controllers made sure that we put our attention on dark and fearful subjects. Thus, our life was constrained and controlled by fear. Fear and the satisfaction of the ego.

For we were threatened by torture and death if we did not comply with their demands. We were bribed with money, power, sex and all kinds of evil gratification.

Many acquiesced to save their own and their families lives. They did not want to, they wanted to escape. Death, or acquiescence appeared to be their only choice.

This is how our earth was designed. This is the interplay of the light and the dark, the yin and the yang that we came to this material realm to experience to learn greater love.

As we have said before, how can you know what you have until you have it not. This earthly journey has moved us away from darkness.

When our human brethren realize the perfidy of the dark ones, they will be angry, they will be furious and want revenge. Yet, as time goes on and they are lifted to higher dimensions of love, they will turn to forgiveness and gratitude, for they will come to the knowing that the dark ones gave them a great gift.

From the deep experiencing of the despair of fear, of anger, hatred, violence, depression, apathy, despair and blame, shame and guilt, we now know that these negative emotions are what we do not prefer.

Always we prefer love. Yet the dark controllers have, for eons, kept us in the entanglement of the fear vibration. Our five senses saw and heard what was fed to them, and few could see beyond that apparent reality.

And now it is the wondrous time of ascension. Our sixth sense has awakened. Our sixth sense sees beyond the physical to the Divine. Our sixth sense is our intuition, the still, quiet voice within that comes from the heavenly realm.

The great awakening is indeed an awakening. It is the awakening to our Divinity. It is the time of the lifting of the heavy veil that has kept humanity chained to his five senses.

That has kept us from the knowledge of our holiness. Has kept us from the realization that we we are not the small insignificant humans that we thought we were.

We are, in fact, Divine beings with our Soul ensconced within our human heart and with a knowing and a sense of rightness, goodness and Godliness far beyond the five senses of our human reality.

And so, our Dear Ones, be of good cheer. Know that despite all the chaos and discombobulation, know that all is well. Turn within, access the holy akashic records, the holy truth. Access the knowledge of the Divine, through your intuition.

Do not listen to the messages of the dark ones. These are desperately loud, raucous and untrue at this time. Do not stay in the vibration of the main stream media, or that of your fearful third dimensional brethren who see things only through their five physical senses.

They are hearing the agenda of the dark ones. They will lower your vibration. Your ego loves to feed off their negativity and darkness and predict catastrophe and turmoil.

Quiet yourself, be in nature, be in beautiful music, meditate, affirm the positive. Be a walking meditation, radiate love to all. Every encounter has the potential for being a holy encounter.

You are here to lift yourself and your brethren to a higher dimension, to the dimension of love. Every moment that you experience here on earth has an influence on your radiance, on your vibration.

You vibrate at the level of the surroundings that you expose yourself to. Cut off the low level loud and harsh, violent and hateful speech from your perception.

Move to higher realms of love and light. You are what you think, you are what you speak. Universal law dictates that what you see as your reality becomes your reality.

This human realm has been, perceptually, an upside down enigma. What has seemed good has often been evil. What has been made out to be evil, has often been goodly and Godly.

And humans were not able to discern between the two. They believed, from the perception of their five senses what they were told. Now is the time for your intuition to come to the fore.

When something is truly goodly and Godly, you will feel joy, you will feel peace and love and gratitude. That is your intuition, your sixth sense, talking to you.

When you feel negative emotions, that is your five senses, through their physical perception, their physical sensation, talking to you. With the ascension of planet earth to higher frequencies, you now have the power to turn away from the intrusion of five sense perception.

You now have the power to live in the love vibration. You now have the power to turn to your intuition for the knowing of the love that you, and all of humanity truly are.

Indeed our friends, this is a great and wonderful time. Do not look at the apocalypse as a negative, fear filled event. Look with the wonder of the Divine within, at how the ascension of mankind is playing out.

Your only job is to spread love. You have awakened early to spread love, to help your brethren’s release from their dark entrainment. To help them realize their Divinity.

Every encounter is a holy one when love is paramount. We are fortunate indeed, to be here at this great awakening time. The awakening of humanity from the third dimensional fear paradigm to the fifth dimensional love reality, that is the true inheritance of mankind.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.