Love is our new reality

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A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, January 19th, 2016

The Team

A Message from Your Guides Jan.19, 2016

Dearest Ones, 
Each of you are exceptionally beloved to us. We are with you always and we have vast ability to assist you in all of your endeavors when you allow us to. Because you are free will beings, we can only assist you in unobtrusive ways unless you call us in and ask for our assistance. Our assistance is freely given and there is no circumstance we would not assist you with save that which is truly not in your highest good or the highest good of others concerned. It is abundantly clear to us that you are all moving forward in such a way that you will have rapid advancement in your individual and collective expansion. 
All that appears to be other than love is a distortion of the true reality. We ask you to recognize that the tragic occurrences that happen would not be as tragic if millions of people did not focus their energy on the tragedy and therefore prolong the energy of loss, disillusionment, disconnection, and separation. The highest and best response to tragedy is to acknowledge the loss of the beautiful beings involved, thank them for their service, pray for blessings for them and their loved ones, and let it go. This may sound overly simplistic and yet, when you hold onto the unwanted energies around a tragedy, you prolong that tragic energy in your own field and in the awareness of those who lost their lives in that tragedy. This inhibits their ability to move on in their new realm as they have a great sense of responsibility when their loved one(s) have difficulty moving on without them.  
The more personal a tragedy is for you, the more difficult it is to let it go. You have the ability to weigh a loss in different ways and you are very much at choice as to how to proceed. We would like to lovingly suggest that you proceed through the loss of a loved one in a way that honors them and the love you shared but also allows you to go on living in a way that they would want you to when they are no longer physically present. The loss of a loved one is an exceptionally personal experience and there is no right response that fits every one and every situation. Tragedy is always tragic to some extent and the extent varies depending on many factors. For those who are so deeply affected that they question the validity of going on living, we would gently remind you that you made a contract with that person before you entered this lifetime. That contract is binding for the extent of this lifetime. The reason you enter into contracts with others before you become physically embodied again is because it is not easy to choose to do the things that are necessary to contribute to your own growth and to balance the order of other lifetimes. 
Your love is eternal. You knew that when you made the contract and knew that this lifetime is a fleeting moment in eternity and you will be reunited again in another fleeting moment. We ask you to hold on to that truth for yourself and know that if you are still here and your loved one is not, there is a very grand reason for you to still be here. Trust that and know that that will be revealed to you if you do not yet know. It is most likely that your love is an example to others. It may be an example of how to hold the reality of that love through dimensions. It might be an example of how to let go of grief and let love for another in for the balance of this lifetime, knowing you will still return to the love you lost as divine timing determines that. In such a case and especially if that seems an impossibility to you at this moment, consider what your beloved one would want for you – to sit home alone crying and grieving and not participating fully in life, or to feel the love and affection of another, to dance in the arms of another again, to make love and enjoy all the pleasure and deep intimacy that can bring, and to laugh again with someone with whom you share those tender moments and who deeply touches your soul. 
Your beloved would much rather have you enjoy the fruits of the physical world in all its beauty and complexity than live a fraction of a life grieving for a loss that from their perspective is very finite. To them, your separation is very temporary and they would rather see you go on living fully, loving another, and returning to them than suffering indefinitely for the remainder of your life. We would like you to consider that to them, your refusing to engage in a physically intimate relationship with another, is like denying yourself ice cream for the rest of your life because it can never be as good as it was with your beloved. 
If the one you grieve for is a child, sibling, parent, lifelong friend, or anyone that fulfills any one of these roles for you as if they actually were that in your life regardless of relationship or length of time knowing them, they too would want you to go on living and loving and find new relationships to fulfill you. They would want to see you enjoying the activities you shared together with another. Once they are on the other side, they are not interested in limitations for you or for themselves. They are full of love and do not harbor any thoughts or desires that could be construed as possessive. They are existing in the Oneness of All and knowing that your love for each other is not temporary, arbitrary, meaningless, or purposeless. Every great love makes an imprint on the whole of human experience without exception. Your choice to move on with your life does not change that imprint. 
For those of you who are truly mated with your eternal partner, wouldn’t you want them to go on loving after you departed? Would you condemn them to a life of loneliness, grief, sorrow, tears, and un-experienced events that they would love to go to but wouldn’t go to without you? Would you not encourage them to find someone else to go with wether it be a friend, a sibling, a co-worker, a date? We can tell you unequivocally that your loved one would prefer that you enjoy life again, that you undertake a quest to discover who comes closest to filling those shoes. They may object to your choice if they do not see the new person as someone who is good for you, but that does not mean they want you to spend the rest of your life alone, grieving, withdrawing from life and opportunities to discover, experience and create more joy in your life. Above all, they do not want your life to become a sentence you must serve on account of their departure. 
If you have had the great misfortune of losing more than one loved one at once or in quick succession, we ask you to know that your loved ones collectively want to see you experience joy again. We understand that everyone processes loss in their own way and for as long as necessary. Some people are able to enjoy life again rather quickly and others mourn for decades. Dearest ones, we implore you to do your loved ones the honor of letting go of the attachment you hold to your grief and allow them to move forward in their exploration of and expansion into their new existence. It is a wondrous place and although they miss much about the Earth plane, including you, they are also curious to continue along their journey knowing without exception that you will be reunited again. Your grief holds them to this plane in a way that inhibits their spontaneous growth and expansion. They now have the ability to explore so much that was not available to them in their physical embodiment and they will not leave you unless they feel that you are going to be completely okay without them. Your grief and attachment to them holds them to you as surely as if they were helicopter pilots in your employ and you told them to fuel up the helicopters and stay near you, hovering indefinitely. They are all gassed up and ready to go with new worlds to explore and they wait on your divine word to let them know that they have your blessing to move on and see this new world that they are inhabiting rather than staying attached to earthly limitations. 
Dear ones, we want you to know with all the power of our love coursing from us to you, that you are not doing your loved ones any favors by carrying your grief over their loss into your possible future with no intention of letting it go. Many of you hold on to grief simply because you have no intention to do otherwise. We invite you to consider letting it go. It serves no one to carry it like a badge of honor. It limits you and it limits your departed loved one(s). Beloved ones, you are exceptional and your love is exceptional.
For those dear ones who do not carry grief for those who have passed on, who feel that they are gone forever and you will never see them again, we would like to share some of what that is like for them. Your loved ones are now in another dimension and they value the time they spent with you on the Earth plane. Many of you have had the same people recycling through your lives for many, many lifetimes. They are not disposable and just because you cannot feel them or hear them or sense them in any way does not mean that they are truly gone. They do not evaporate into dust and that is the end of them. They go on existing in another dimension and they still have feelings and love and memories of not only the lifetime they shared with you most recently but of any and all other lifetimes you may have spent together. While they do not want you to grieve for their loss, they do want to be remembered and ideally honored for their role in your life. They take great pleasure in being remembered through stories and especially the stories that made them laugh.
It is in the highest good that if you have someone that was very much a part of your life and yet you did not feel the kind of love for them that you wished you could – perhaps if things were different, we lovingly suggest that you change your story of them to bring in all the good and to let go of the bad. Every single person has a good streak, no matter how deplorable their behavior might have been. We ask you to search your memories and find the good in them and think on that. Think who they would have been based on those good qualities or memories if they had other choices, different circumstances, a truly loving environment in which to grow and nurture all those they knew. We ask you to imagine who they might have been without their addiction, their temper, their abuse, their rage, their inadequacies, their limitations and imagine that they were an angel in disguise. Imagine that this angel was working undercover to give you exactly the experience you needed to grow in strength and resourcefulness and independence and discernment. Imagine that it was very difficult for them to play their part and that their largest regret is that you never got to see them as they truly are and that you still harbor feelings other than love for them. Dearest ones, that is truly the case. In order for them to play the role they needed to play for you, they too forgot that they were divine beings who came into your life to play the exact role they played. They, like you, came in with amnesia that you are all divine beings truly connected in Oneness and love. You are all playing your parts, Dear Ones. And you are all doing it quite beautifully. 
Know, without doubt, that we are loving you powerfully.
And so it is. 
The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot. To be added to the distribution list to receive these messages in your e-mail inbox about every 2 weeks, e-mail with ‘guides’ in the subject line. Feel free to share, forward, or repost this message in its entirety with proper attribution.