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“Act!” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – June 18, 2017

“Act!” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – June 18, 2017

Chinese generals (elder watchdogs) became comfortable with the Republic’s military banking set up only yesterday (not Friday), and offered Dunford and Ryan the option to release after 2am on Sunday morning.

As of 7pm EDT obviously they haven’t yet “taken the shot.”

Why? Safety.

They don’t trust their own processes.

Too much risk of interruption and potential loss of life still, plus the added media attention that comes with chaos–all while trying to remove a sitting USA, Inc. President from public consciousness (Trump).

This is all by cabal design.

Delay, delay, delay… it wears down the opponent in every direction and they swoop in and defeat them due to fatigue.

They believe evil will outlast goodness. Seriously, they do.

Problem is they’ve been worn down with endless fatigue due to all the pump fakes, years of pump fakes actually, and their shooting blanks.

Yet we’re still sacred into a state of paralysis! How does this make any fucking sense?

The truth is our valiant “restored Republic” leaders don’t know how to “pull the RV peach” due to the unprecedented nature of the event. So our Republic remains in the shadows.

Yes, there is still a real safety concern as it relates to cyber attacks on our electrical grids in dense urban centers.

And yes we keep in mind the cabal set up all current electrical grid systems. So yes they are intimate with where its strengths and weakness are.

But so what. We’ve got the advantage. So charge forward! Seize the day! Strike!

There have been several electromagnetic pulse attacks over the last two weeks (surges) and a few did real damage structurally, which have since been repaired, and if a more powerful surge or unknown threat exists, theoretically, we’ll handle it.

Nothing will stop the RV in these United States once it has started. But ya’ll got to let it go!

Which btw… even you cats can’t stop the global reset this week, as the USA would suffer severely via international penalty.

There’s an override on your leadership Jo as well as yours Paul. The relief pitchers are already warming up.

So is safety really still the hold up here?

Or rather it is your Anglo-genetics trying to out maneuver God in a classic white man knows best role play.

Guys, you are now the problem and you are getting in the way of cosmic progress. And honestly, you are very close to failing the American people and your families.

My advice is don’t… even Ike had to say go Joe. Don’t ruin your legacy. And Paul, grow a set. Enough of the flowery speeches.

Put gas in the economic engine that is the United States and drop the political pedal to the metal and finally throw out that piece of orange shit Trump.

That’s your job in all of this! Do your job!

Just ask The Middle East what they think of the white man’s decision making. Who wants to buy a condo in Mosul or Raqqah?

The world has patiently waited on your leadership for months and months. Even Saudi Arabia shut off Qatar just to get our attention.

They’re now leveraging your inability to perform with legal diplomatic blockades that put our troops in harms way IN EVERY THEATER OF ARAB WORLD COMBAT!

We’re not stupid. Act!

We even know you Joe asked for “higher mind” guidance / assistance two weeks ago. And have been getting consulted / assisted in ways “us dumb regular folk” cannot comprehend.

Why didn’t you ask years ago! Bad leadership is why. Flawed. Act!

The cyber attacks you fear, the ones buried in the grid computer systems can be triggered remotely, they can and will suddenly malfunction.

But you two must trust God and act in accordance with God! Stop listening to casualty probabilities statistics and collateral damage estimates.

Just act!

Because even if a threat is plausible and has negative ramifications to civilian life, especially in high traffic air and ground arenas, there’s no aspirin strong enough to reprieve the headaches of blocking God.

Release the RV or face “high power” consequences gentlemen. Consider this your warning!

The last thing you studs want are innocence deaths on your hands in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Heaven.

Publicly remove Trump from power and announce the Republic tomorrow morning first thing.

Declare Marshall Law and arrest the vipers in Congress. Throw out their amnesty packages. Place them in military custody and humiliate them tarnishing their legacies forever.

Truth is they also know first hand there’s several more rogue physical attacks planned in urban areas like suburban Virginia; and they have the potential of being way more casualty severe and socially disruptive.

Even we know there is now tremendous pressure on the Republic diplomatically to perform tonight. Tremendous pressure. Unbearable pressure.

So act!

The world is tired of this Trump fiasco dragging on, and on, and on. Countries want their money. We want our blessings to disburse to the world.

You men are no longer being prudent anymore, your withholding life force from humanity, and that’s a moral crime beyond salvation.

Act! Release!

Policy is so difficult to set when he USA is in such dire flux. Trump knows this and creates more chaos. He’s playing the Republic, and worse, he’s using you both like ownerless puppets.

Where has great American leadership gone?!!!!!!!!

To a Red Sox game in Fenway? A Packers game in Lambeau Field? While people of color are dying in ditches?

Are you men or monsters? Act!!!!!!!!

When as a country are we (and I mean you) going to get the fuck off our knees and stand in our truth as a sovereign nation in good standing with all other nations applauding us for our leadership versus laughing at us for our impotency?!!!!!!!


Sack up Joe and Paul, execute as loyal soldiers of a proud Republic or step away from the con. God has given you the chance to be heroes and release the zeros but tonight is your last opportunity.

Men, I’ve ducked into spirit, and seem there is a heroic or catastrophic future for you each.

What will you choose tonight? Because the choice will be made with or without you tonight. As light will pour in from the shadows that protect you now, as Heaven has deemed your delays–literally your delays–are now unacceptable to the survival of he species.

This isn’t legislation Paul!
This isn’t a battlefield mission Joe!

This is human survival guys! Wake the fuck up and act before your commands are relieved and legacies scorched for endless flinching.

That God or not God mandate goes for everyone involved in this gig fellas. And your dangerously close to spiritual eradication, which as you know leads to … well… not a win/win situation on the home front on a physical plane.

Pleas act tonight and come with us. Otherwise, thanks for your service the Lord accept me your resignation.

Should make for an interesting Sunday evening into Monday morning.

Hey, at least it’s on American decision makers now to release the RV at such a late juncture. That’s positive.

Because the RV is no longer yours to hold.

God is with us.