Love is our new reality

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“Our Lighthouse” by Dragon Wolf (The Indigo Leo) – 6.18.17

“Our Lighthouse” by Dragon Wolf (The Indigo Leo) – 6.18.17



by Dragon Wolf (The Indigo Leo)

Ascension is the pathway by which one returns back to fold of the oneness of self.

Light does not blame the dark for trying to hide the light. Light simply vibrates the truth where no illusion can exist. The higher the vibration, the wider the expansion of truth. Do not listen to the language of others that create the vibratory response of fear. Or if you do listen, don’t come to IDC to spread it around like feaverish plague. Lies resonate in a realm of pure survival. The realm of pure survival is the realm of powerlessness. Any channeler that states that higher beings require our worship is not a clear channeler. Clear channeling will never EVER promote FEAR. Clear channeling will never encourage a light worker to tolerate pain, sickness, lack, poverty, or death. However a clear channel will not judge someone for FEELING the emotions of FEAR either. The gift of FREE WILL allows for even the engagement of the great illusion of seeking out separation and all evidence promoting the illusion. Only when coming from a place of love, then the the illusion of “separation” between the channeler and the and the higher power/being/entity becomes integrated until they are one in the same being from pure love. The “higher” entity is actually an aspect of the channelers “self”, and an illusion that the higher being is actually “higher” than their self. A clear channel of TRUTH with a “higher” being will never say “WORSHIP ME”. They will say LOVE GOD. Love the GOD that is within you as yourself.


The true (no distortion reality of the vessel(body/mind receiving the messages) will only vibrate on a level of TRUTH. Grandfather, Grandmother, St. Germaine, the Archangels, positive entities will only ever send high vibrational energy that it is all working out. This does not mean that the message of LOVE will allow those of the dark to continue to hurt those that are of the light. Archangel Michael has stated to love your enemy even if you must drive a sword through them to protect yourself. The ultimate sword that can be drawn is the sword of TRUTH. This sword is the most FEARED by the dark ones. This does not mean that the higher conscious beings will tell you that to be of love is to TOLERATE the dark and let them be. The Darkness must be destroyed for light to truly take over. What I find hilarious is that someone can say that positive ETs can be working for the “FALSE LIGHT”. Dear ones, who do you think you really are? Human? Don’t you remember any lifetimes of being anything other than this? Do you remember living in other worlds? If you do not, you soon will. Are you afraid to remember these memories? Do they bring you discomfort? Perhaps you have been on this planet for so long that you buried those secrets and memories away as to not have to deal with the pain of being here. They are stored in your human akash. They are there. You will know who “higher” light beings are when they tell you to go within. Want to know how a being is not of the light and they try to convince you that they are to be worshiped? Ask them for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH! They will not want you going within, becuase there you will find the contracts(programing) in the matrix that they hijacked by using your fears against you. St. Germaine and all other Ascended masters will encourage this practice. They will only ever offer you assistance and tell you to seek the wisdom and power of one’s self within.


There is no savior coming to save us. The higher power that people are fearing that will judge them is not external. Anyone parading as a light beings that says it is here to “save you” from your life and all you have to do is just follow them and serve them, is not a light being. A Light being will only assist when you ask of them. A light being is always present with one’s “self”, and sees everything that they do, and there is no judgment. There ABSOLUTELY is a LIGHT FORCE, a Galactic Federation, Your Star family and brother and sisters of the light are all more real than this 3D/4D illusion construct. Grandfather is very ancient and is our family member. Does grandfather say to us that when we receive the money from the GCR/RV exchange we must build a temple, or construct a shine of Grandfather? No Grandfather, says to ask for whatever number you want. Whatever zeros you want to add at the end. Is Grandfather “afraid” that when you exchange, you will be buy everything for yourself and you will not share the MONEY MEDICINE with the planet and all service to others beings? Grandfather tries to constantly encourage us to purchase whatever it is that you want. Grandfather is trying to instill a sense of worthiness! Light workers have such low self worth because they are always giving to others! Grandfather doesnt want your money, or your allegiance, or your time. Grandfather want you to FEEL abundant and in FEELING abundant, you are being abundant. Grandfather knows that all that exchange will get the amount that they deserve. This will be the amount that the person believes they deserve. Buy a HUGE house..hell by 5 huge houses, a yacht, a bunch of sports cars! Whatever you want. There is nothing wrong with material possessions. You really don’t want them to have them, you really just want them to have the feeling of abundance. The experience of this erases all unconscious cellular magnetics pertaining to pictures, images, and memories of lack! Buy it only if you want the experience of experiencing more SELF LOVE. Self love is not selfish. Self Love is God essence from within that only you can give to yourself that causes the overflowing of the cup in your heart, so that you feel so full of love that you can not help but share it all around and with whoever you want!

A light being will always say to seek discernment in one’s self to clear and clear the illusion of separation. Anyone who says that St. Germaine is a “FALSE LIGHT” and of the “Spiritual Hierarchy” has not a had a clear channel of St. Germaine or read a clear channel of the many books that have been written by those who have channeled him. St. Germaine will only assist/co-create with one in finding the answers for themselves from within. St Germaine only desires you to know that you and he are not separate. He does not want you to take his word for it, he wants you to feel it vibrationally. When the channeler is in fear of the unknown or even maybe unconscious experiences from past lifes of being tricked by the dark ones. Why has the GCR/RV taken so long? Consciousness is the reason. Grandfather, St Germaine, Archangels, Sananda, have been waiting for our consciousness to rise to a level of self-responsibility and self love. They have been waiting for us to come to a level of awareness of the power from within. They CAN NOT do it for us. They are here to assist, but we have to ask. We ask as creator gods and masters ourselves. As sovereign beings ask with respect for other sovereign beings to co-create with us. St. Germain has stated about the arrival very soon of replicators wands that can manifest anything you want from thin air. Don’t you think that perhaps the dark ones would love to get their hands on these and are yet horrified of the thought of everyone having them? Why? It is because it is all about service to self. They have been aligned with other service to self entities to co-create matrix hijacks and secret groups, yet can not see the benefit of working together for long because they are in deep competitions to reach higher status to fulfill more service to self emptiness and unhappiness. An endless miserable pyramid of greed and suffering.


Due to the nature of FREE WILL on this planet, humanity has been unconsciously agreeing to false distortions in their human matrix field. Many call this an energy field or a torus of energy. Think of this field as a human supercomputer. This is your etheric hardware if you will. Now think of your mind/body as your operating software (OS). Energy from all of creation is projected throughout this duality perception (THE WEB/INTERNET). An energy attraction is like a search bar function that brings all information of what “key word/image/video” is magnetically being searched for by the installed software.” However many of us are unconscious of the cellular magnetics that are in place in our field that is constantly “searching” for the thing that they are attracting. This is old “stuck” energy or “frozen” pictures that keep repeating the programming of showing up over and over again. Every thought(software program) that is turned into an emotion(installation of software program) in our OS can be installed (a belief) and computed into the matrix field, then projected out as reality. Ever since the dark ones came in with an “superior” knowledge of this they took advantage of our OS and began to “hijack” the OS to recompute and reprogram the OS as to distort our reality. This prevented the souls as humans from ascending due to SURVIVAL MENTALITIES of FEAR brought on by installed programs.

There is what is what is referred to as “distortion filters”, such as memories, pictures, thoughts, and trauma comprised of cellular magnetics of fear that are allowing an “IN” for the corrupted negative entities to hijack. The dark ones have been literally attempting to hijack the channeler’s matrix field and send a sort of trojan virus (FEAR computation brought on perceiving a NEGATIVE event) into their bodymind circuitry. This virus is the implementation of a FEAR FLAG. It ATTEMPTS to turn every thought into an emotion of FEAR. They have only been able to hijack your matrix in the past by creating programs that appear as lack and hopelessness to promote FEAR-BASED survival.


The dark ones CANNOT hijack your matrix if you do not FEAR, regardless of what comes up within your field. The sudden appearance of an event that we judge as negative, will promote FEAR. The reaction to FEAR fuels the dark ones with negative energy because of the outer projection of hopelessness and ultimately the result is feeling disempowerment. This is the main goal of the dark ones, to create chaos, pain, harm, and suffering to promote feelings of powerlessness. This is the opposite of who you are as a creator being. The dark ones do not want you to feel empowered so they have hijacked your matrix to project events of FEAR. The truth is the dark ones are completely POWERLESS without your negative FEAR energy to fuel their energy tanks. They are desperate especially now, as more and more light beings, here on earth are no longer giving into their FEAR. Many are having EVENTS happen in their life, that they may have “labeled” as NEGATIVE, however, thanks to Richard McKim Jr’s book, How to Use Your God Power, they are stating to the event that “IT IS ALL WORKING OUT, ALWAYS AND IN ALWAYS”. This changes the MEANING of the EVENT to just an EVENT that is WORKING OUT, and not a NEGATIVE event at all. This NEUTRALIZES the corrupt program of the hijacking of your personal matrix and then the NEW LEARNED EXPERIENCE of “everything working out” deprograms the old installed (hijacked) program. This creates new reprogramming which EMPOWERS the OS! This new empowerment projects itself into the outer personal matrix of the person’s reality.


There have been those that said they no longer call themselves “LIGHT WORKERS” and they also do not resonate with the term “LIGHT WARRIORS”. They have said that they wish to “TRANSCEND” the DUALITY of LIGHT AND DARK. What is beyond LIGHT OR DARK? This 3D/4D construct is not the ILLUSION of LIGHT AND DARK, no! This 3D/4D construct is about the illusion of DARKNESS. THERE IS ONLY LIGHT! LET THERE BE LIGHT! The dark ones speak of non-judgment and moving in love and light. They speak of loving one’s enemy as if loving their enemy is about giving them a BIG HUG and embracing them as brothers and sisters. Loving your enemy is about learning from them, not embracing them and bringing them into your house. Loving them is not about Trusting them with your life and family. Look at it this way. This is an abusive relationship between the dark ones and the light workers. The dark ones come in the house and preach fear, point fingers, and beat up the ones in the LIGHTHOUSE (IDC), then preach light and love when they get kicked out. They come along crying about gravestones and talk about the killing of people found to be cabal. They say phrases like, “killing people is not of the love and light”. They state this hate-mongering, and spreading FEAR is negative energy. They come in here and preach FEAR and DOUBT, like a giant SLAP to IDC’s FACE, then expect us to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. A WHAT MODERN DAY WHAT WOULD JESUS DO”, kind of mentality that LIGHT WORKERS have fallen for over and over again. No one seems to remember that part in the bible where Jesus (Sananda) went into the church and throughout the corrupt money changers (bankers). He tossed those poisonous vipers and snake oil salesmen out of his HOUSE TOO.


How many times have we come across SOCIOPATHS and NARCISSISTS that are completely engaged in SERVICE TO SELF? How many times do we allow them to use and abuse us because we are all about SERVICE TO OTHERS? WE SERVE A “HIGHER POWER” FOR WHAT? WE SERVE A GOD THAT IS GREATER THAN US? THAT DEMANDS JUSTICE! THAT DEMANDS JUDGEMENT? No, this 3D/4D construct is a “GOD’s HANDS OFF” realm. WHY? How else could we figure out how to find the “GOD” of creation?

In the beginning after “THE FALL” from consciousness, The world became a dark place of disconnectedness. The separation of not being connected was painful and the world became a dark place filled with death when the survival mentality was engaged. The soul was only used to being connected to GOD and as GOD, so the fall was very painful, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and scary place. The soul desires power to feel powerful even though it feels powerless, so in this low conscious state it seeks to gain power over and from others because it believes is has no power of its own. The illusion is that is is powerful but the truth is it is only powerful when it is using anothers power(energy) for itself. Thus the the illusion of separation and rediscovery of connectedness begins. This allows the soul to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS or SERVICE TO OURSELVES to find “GOD”.

FIRST PHASE: SERVICE TO SELF – The new soul is in a fight through life having no understanding of how life works and only considering self. Often the pursuit of self gratification results in attachments and dominance, yet dependency on others energy to survive. This can lead to belief in “greater” or “higher/lower” forms of DARK GOD(S) that are also of the service to self belief system and wish to use the soul be offering it power while draining it. This leads to the understanding that they are not alone in the world, however the world is a dark place with this belief construct. This is a journey of discovery through complete and total narcissism. It is all about one’s self. Many stay stuck in this DARK DARK ENERGY and lose sight of the understanding that they even have a soul. Many are lost in the abyss of self hate and attachments to DARK ENERGY VAMPIRISM. However, many eventually learn that service to self does not work. After suffering through a constant and endless pursuit of using others energy to maintain dark energy, all the while never knowing self love or happiness, the light starts to break free of the dark. The breakthrough of graduation is when the soul discovers that there may be a connection to “others” and that many “others” are not separate, and they are actually CONNECTED to those that they have hurt and used. This is the path of COMPETITION, DESTRUCTION and DISINTEGRATION. The final ceremony is the realization of their connection to others.

SECOND PHASE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – In this stage the soul is of an understanding the EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is CONNECTED. The soul is on an endless discovery of serving others and being of service. The soul is completely devoted to the service of other souls and the highest vibrational resonance of bringing the light of connectedness and love into the the world. This service to self has led the soul consciousness to seek out “higher powers” and God(s) to feel more connection to all that there is. It has led to discovery of God’s Divine Plan, and how the soul is connected to that plan. This service to others is a beautiful experience of sharing love and reuniting with one another. The only problem with this scenario is that in this dualistic reality there also has existed also souls that are in the SERVICE TO SELF category, that are more than willing to find the SERVICE TO OTHERS and abuse their light energy for dark purposes. The dark workers are more than willing to kill, lie, deceive, maim, rape, and ultimately destroy themselves along with every single soul on the planet, if they do not get their way. LIGHT WORKERS have been abused for far too long! They have taken all the punches, kicks, blows and deaths. They have witnessed destruction of their homes, families, lives, and even their planets. The service to self path is one of CO-CREATION, CONSTRUCTION, AND INTEGRATION.


Why have all these planets been destroyed? Why haven’t the light workers prevailed? Why has this ended so MANY MANY times. Why? It is because Light workers want to live in the peace of their soul and they don’t see themselves as separate from other souls, even the thieves and murders that parade themselves around as the NEW SPIRITUAL AGE light workers of “Non-Duality Ascension”. This is non-duality works great in 5D where there is no separation, however in 3D/4D it does not work because duality can easily be twisted by the dark ones, due to the mind/reality matrix. As above so below and as outside so is inside. Archons (anchors – rigid and firm, and linear) are the low vibration fallen angel generals and archangels (angles- creative and flowing, not linear) are the high vibrational generals. Light workers see the god in all outside of themselves. They seek service to others above all else. This includes service to everyone, except themselves. They have spent eons working off karma and fighting dark energy. The trauma of going through PHASE 1, and being a dark one, so long ago, leads the Light workers to make the mistake of seeing the dark ones (CABAL), as LOST BROTHERS AND SISTERS. They see them as poor and misguided. They feel that if only they could love the DARK ONES just enough, then, then they would know love and they would change! LIGHT WORKERS WANT TO LOVE THE DARK ONES PAST THE DARK ONES FOR THEM. They want to repair and FIX the damaged heart inside that feels powerless and empty, so it feeds on others energy! LIGHT WORKERS ULTIMATELY WANT TO LOVE THEMSELVES BY LOVING OTHERS. BY LOVING GOD AND BEING OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, EVEN THE DARK ONES, THEN THEIR RICHES WILL BE IN HEAVEN. LET DARK WILL NEVER LOVE THE LIGHT WORKERS. THE DARK ONES WILL NEVER LOVE ANYONE UNTIL THEY LEARN THAT THEY ARE NOT SEPARATE. THEY WILL NEVER LOVE UNTIL THEY LOVE THEMSELVES, BUT YOU CAN NOT LOVE SOMEONE FOR THEM! THEY WILL HATE YOU FOR IT AND USE YOU. Try it! See how quickly they will take ahold of your energy. How fast they will manipulate you and drain your life. See what happens when you protest their manipulation and their abuse. Watch them turn it on you. Watch them tell you how you are wrong and selfish for thinking about yourself. Watch them come into your house and state, that you are being hostile and mean. You are are not being a very good light worker. You protest, but I am a champion of the light. I am a light warrior for good. They reply, “really? Sounds violent and hostile. Who are you to be a warrior for anyone? You don’t matter, someone, higher, and more worthy really matters! (You can’t even be a warrior for your own self worth) It sounds to me like you want to hurt me and bully me for expressing myself. I have a voice you know? I have feelings! You are not being very loving and your attitude is not very spiritual. Is this how a child of GOD behaves? God is ashamed of your actions! (Basically, God is ashamed of you standing up for yourself and those you love?) Wouldn’t God want you to be more loving and give more of yourself. This is not how someone that is in service to others acts, is it?” Watch them bully you into accusing you of bullying them. Watch as they take no time to analyse their actions, but blame you the whole time for STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR SPACE. THE SPACE THAT YOU CALL YOUR HOUSE. They will take everything from you, and after you have given them everything you have they will demand your life, because these lying snakes believe it is all about them and they know that light workers are NOTORIOUS for making it about EVERYONE so not to focus on themselves. These vampires will feed on you and bleed you dry and then find another HOST, another house another planet. NO! STAND UP LIGHT WARRIORS! YOU MATTER YOU ARE WORTH IT!



There is no separation. This is about SELF LOVE! You are the savior of yourself. The collective “YOU”. You are all creator gods. There is NO ONE ABOVE YOU OR BELOW YOU! There is no separation. You are here in this 3D/4D construct to find GOD. You will only find GOD by finding the GOD within. The GOD that exists in everything! What better way to TRULY appreciate WHO YOU ARE! WHO WE ALL ARE. WANT TO BE CONNECTED TO YOUR STAR FAMILY, YOUR GALACTIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE LIGHT, AND TO THE DIVINE SUPREME CREATOR OF ALL? FIND YOU WORTHINESS IN YOUR GOD SELF. This is the only way to break free from the 3D/4D illusion. As long as a soul has faith in something outside of it’s Godself and considers itself LOWER than GOD, the soul will attract and attach itself to all others that look to use its LOVE energy because that being CAN NOT LOVE ITSELF! A soul that is reunited with its higher Godself will not allow others in it’s space if they are not of a pure SELF LOVE vibration or a service to others vibration. Seek deep in your heart! Allow the Christ Conscious of a HEART-CENTERED love to blossom worth. This is a LOVE that is LOYAL and VICIOUSLY PROTECTIVE OF ITS HEART! THIS LOVE DOES NOT ALLOW SERVICE TO SELF AS SELF TO COME WITHIN ITS MIDST! A soul that is of the alignment of service to others as self and service to self as others will not engage a service to self being for their is no alignment in it, and will only engage a service to others being to encourage and empower that being to empower itself. This is what true connections is about. Love your neighbor as yourself? If you allow others to beat you up and take your energy, abuse your family, run your mind, wreak havoc in your house, and deplete your light, then you DO NOT LOVE YOURSELF VERY MUCH!

ONLY LIGHT WORKERS THAT STAND UP FOR THE GOD SELF HEART-CENTERED SELF LOVE OVERCOME THE DARK ONES. This is about being a LIGHT WARRIOR. All the talk about surrender and FEAR of becoming narcissistic from having wealth and money is a LIE! Why are most LIGHT WORKERS poor, homeless, in pain, suffering, living in despair, anguish, and FEAR! ONE WORD! WORTHINESS! This is about worthiness! Not about being MORE WORTHY than anyone else, but about understanding that YOU ARE WORTHY as you are part of GOD! You are a child of GOD. WORTHINESS and ABUNDANCE is your ETERNAL DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT! OWN IT! The dark ones will turn this around and say, “You have a BIG HEAD, and that you are being narcissistic. They will say things like, who are you to say you know better than others, or you are GOD. Who are you to say you don’t need a guru?. Pride cometh before a fall” This is a garbage that they say to cause misdirection from the VERY SAME things that they are doing in a service to self mentality. They will be certain to discourage you from pursuing the TRUTH of who you are and who we all are. This how they think. They don’t want you to think that you are connected and that we all are. They don’t want that to be the TRUTH, because then that means they are wrong in their thinking. They don’t want find that GOD exists within even them, because then my DEAR ONES, My DEAR LIGHT WARRIORS…The illusion is shattered and when they realize the truth that they have been connected all along surfaces. FOR WHEN THEY REALIZE THAT WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE AND WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY SERVED IS ALL A LIE. THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO REALIZE THAT THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN KILLING AND ABUSING THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ALL THIS TIME… AND THIS MY DEAR LIGHT WARRIORS IS WHAT THEY TRULY FEAR… THEY WOULD RATHER DIE THAN KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND THEY WOULD RATHER KILL EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE PLANET THEN HAVE THIS LIGHT HOUSE REVEAL THAT TRUTH!

DO NO HARM does not apply when defending oneself from those that wish to do you harm. SELF DEFENCE IS WHAT A LIGHT WARRIOR DOES WHEN DEFENDING ITS FAMILY!


Dragon Wolf – A Witness of Wisdom