Love is our new reality

Adama of Telos via Genoveva Coyle, August 13th, 2018



Greetings dearest ones! I AM Adama of Telos, I am your brother, your friend, I am your ally and family always.

I am here today to bring you my love and my peaceful essence, to commune with you, to attune with you, and to remind you of the times of the old Lemuria. Yes, of those glorious times when you were clearly conscious of your origin and the source of your being. And I must remind you that then you were fully conscious of your infinite powers, your wisdom and your knowing.

I want to activate in thee these pockets of light, these Lemurian seeds that you have had dormant in your DNA, waiting to be reignited for these times of intense need when you would have the knowledge contained within them available to be used for the highest and the greatest good of all, for the upliftment and benefit all of humanity.

You are ready for this process. And yes, I am talking to all of you reading this message, for whether or not you had prepared yourselves conscientiously to be aware of this beautiful transformation, it really doesn’t matter, because you have been readying yourselves stalwartly and diligently for years and decades.

And what do I mean by this? Well when you are saying that you have worked on core issues, or on integrating and loving back the darkest parts of thee, we are saying that you have worked on fortifying and growing your abilities to be compassionate and kind. We are saying that you have refined and truly anchored into your physical vessels, into your human selves, your capabilities to love unconditionally and to accept everyone exactly where they are on their journey, and that, of course, includes your entire self.

Why else would you believe that you would have some shadow and darkness to go through? Why would a perfect and whole being born from the Mother’s womb and beauty be flawed and shoddy?

Yes, these parts of thee are lessons to be learned. Yes, these are challenges that you have to overcome, hopefully with joy and laughter. Mostly, however, the gift of any dark portion of self that you welcome and love back into yourselves, at the end of this traveling through the darkness of the self, brings with it great wisdom, profound humility, and deep compassion for yourselves, and for the ones facing similar or slightly different facets of the same issues that you’ve had to overcome in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes.

You can now truly connect heart to heart and relate with the pain and the suffering of others, eliminating any speck of judgment and superiority. You, as the teachers, or the healers, or the advisers for the ones coming to you, have enough wisdom and faith to point to the way of light, for you have traveled it yourselves.

There are no more fears of the unseen or the unknown, for you have traveled it all and mastered it successfully. And you can stand up as proof and as the holder of hope and certitude that others, the entire collective, can do it as well.

No one wants a librarian or teacher who has gained all the advice and knowledge they have accumulated to impart to others from reading books or sacred texts in the comfort of their homes, while having no life skills of their own and, for the most part, having no ability to relate and truly feel and empathize with the ones that are depressed and hurt.

But you can! And you do! Approach them with gentleness and patience dear hearts, just as we in the higher realms do with you. You do not have to spend a lot of time and offer a multitude of words, you do not have to lecture or patronize them. There is no need for lots of talking, or for you to use forceful energy to make your point or to convince them to change and redirect their course. Allow others to make their mistakes and know that their guardians and higher selves are monitoring their progress and their paths.

You can intervene at times when guided and asked to do so. Speak through your hearts and intend to convey your words with love and sweetness, real loving kindness. You do not have to offer all that you know, but only that which you know that the recipient is ready to receive in this moment.

Bring any comment and corrective suggestion only to the point where it can shift the recipient into a new way of thinking, therefore stimulating their own growing process. This is the way you allow everyone to find their own paths, and then encourage them to follow their unique inner light.

Meanwhile, focus on your own continuing inner growth, and strive to be more of the Love and the Light of the Mother/Father/ God that was planted within you. Of course, you must do this in your unique, individualized and beautiful way, bringing your own soul signature into this world, radiating love, acceptance, kindness, joy, and blessings everywhere you go as the brilliant suns that you are.

May the Lemurian love, light, and peace enfold you, bringing you serenity and joy! Stay with my love, stay with my deep peace! Farewell.

By Permission.

I am here to remind you of Lemuria and to activate your Lemurian seed pockets of light. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.