Sananda via Beatrice Madsen, August 14th, 2018


August 14th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Beloved children. Look around you. See how my power of light has started to twinkle in all things. The energy has changed. It can twinkle, sparkle and glitter. In the corner of your eye you can discern a glittering without you looking directly at it. I am reborn. I am close. I am around. I embrace you with my vibrations from a higher sphere. As I am light you can sometimes experience another luster – it is as if the colors have been enriched and in truth they have. Since you adapt along the journey you do not always remember that some time ago the colors were actually more drab than now – in spite of the fact that the sun was shining the luster that you can see in this now was not there then. Rejoice in this beloved children – rejoice in the success we are reaching. The success goes hand in hand with the chaos that exists and this can be hard to see. The news reporting about what is happening in your world still has a desire to keep your mind in worry and fear. However, your power of the light and I would say the longing for the light has grown so strong that it in no way can be stopped. You can no longer be fooled and that is good.

Sometimes you fall back as a human to the old thoughts and I would like to say – then fall my child, fall and I will receive you and help you stand up again. It is a very grand inner journey you make and it can never be totally straight. Neither was it for me when I was incarnate. It is a rebirth process you go through and you are supposed to remember the struggle and the pain in order to help those that come after you and because in this pain is born the heart power of wisdom. Just as I was transformed during my single life you now go through the transformation together with each other and together with me. I am in the most innocent of corners of your heart. I am in your need for your fellow man and woman. I am in your shedding of tears, just as I am in your everyday joy, beloved children of man.

Sometimes I wish that you should not think so much about that you rise to a certain dimension number from another. The risk is that you start to evaluate your fellow men and women around you – it this one has come there or another one higher up and so on. Think instead “ascension” and it is immediately there. Think that you want the best for the others regardless of where they are in terms of dimension numbers or it he/she manages to move on. This is where we have the power of love and patience. You are now sometimes pulling a heavy load beloved children, as I did in the beginning. Know that you will be handsomely rewarded primarily by yourselves, when you eventually will see what an effort you have carried out. This is what you want and I want to give you the gift of patience in the struggle you are engaged in – the struggle for the awakening of humanity and its ascension. Allow yourself to rest and nourish the child and the innocence within you, where we are together. I can see you and I am with you in every breath and I give you my frequency and vibration so that you may rise and carry.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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