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Adama of Telos via Sharon Stewart, September 16, 2022


Adama of Telos Through Sharon Stewart: You’re of Unity Consciousness Already
September 16, 2022

Me: I wanted to do a reminder for you guys because you seem to need to take a step back. You’re not remembering your galactic heritage, obviously because let’s face it, the distortion, negativity and frankly just mind control that has obscured that fact from our consciousnesses is pretty pervasive.

Adama: It is.

Me: So I want to remind people that you’ve created a false self for yourself based on your need to survive here on earth. You’re nothing like who you were before you came to this planet.

Adama: That’s very true. All people who came to earth, all starseeds are of unity consciousness. That means they’re unconditionally loving. However on the surface you learn a lot of things that remove you from that orientation and you learn specifically duality consciousness. So this fractures you from your soul, reduces your soul connection and in so doing the ego creates a false self it feels needs to be created in order to survive. This is the third dimensional consciousness, bereft of higher soul contact.

You remember so many times when you were young you watched others’ behaviour and emulated it. Watch a child and see how they imitate what their parents have modelled for them. It’s so obvious.

But your answers aren’t outside of yourself. They’re inside yourself. Always. Unless you have little soul contact. You become other oriented, focused on others for examples to follow when you should be taking direction from inside yourself. This is a complete reversal of polarity!

So the solution is to dissolve the false self. All the beliefs you have that cause you pain need to be transmuted and changed.

Adama: This is the path for all of you. To understand your true self, not the self you created in response to the lies you were fed. There’s so much that needs to be reversed, starting with your schooling and continuing on to the world forum. So much. You don’t even understand your true needs or your real God given rights, the people of outer earth are so in the dark. We have compassion for you but you, like all other humans in the galaxy, have to understand for yourselves. We can teach you what we’ve learned and we’re already doing that, but you have to do the changing yourself. You have to change your own mind because nobody can do it for you. Nobody can force you.

If you’re in pain, it’s because you’re living in your 3D false self. You’re living by beliefs that cause you pain. Of course you want to go home. You know it’s better there, but the way home is through the false self. You have to change yourself to go home.

Adama: Yes, all must try to get their galactic consciousness back. This is the consciousness that sent them to earth in the first place and to make full use of it, they have to embody it, understanding of course there are many pitfalls and mountains to overcome in the process.

The consciousness that sent you to earth to help out is a consciousness of oneness, of universal love for others. Look at how you are now. Do you love everyone else unconditionally? Do you even know how to do so? Sharon and Ivo have discussed this as well. Being the compassionate observer of life, even of the lives that seek to malign, taunt and negate you, those who seek to destroy your ego because that’s what it is… they seek to destroy the ego so in fact they’re doing you a favor but you don’t tend to see it that way.

Adama: If you don’t have problems, you’re not learning or you’ve just learned how to ignore them.

Me: Which doesn’t help anyone, least of all you. Learning about yourself is fun. Yes, you come across things you’d rather not acknowledge but you don’t have to tell anyone. Just acknowledge them to yourself and God and ask that the character defect be removed. Just strive to do better. It’s not that hard. Retrieving your galactic consciousness and memories of past lives can be more difficult. I find part of the problem is that we don’t have space ships to fly around here otherwise I might give it a shot, science or no science. There are other things that are more in common with life on earth like home, food, socializing, even transportation to some degree that you can learn about first before you take on the big topics.

Adama: Thank you for allowing this service Sharon.