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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 10 – by Adama, August 11th, 2023


Adama – Telos II – Chapter 10 – by Adama

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Continuing our journey, today we are going to comment on chapter 10 of Book II of Telos.

Many wonder why we talk so much about networks, energy networks, crystalline networks, stellar networks? What are these networks actually? Symmetrically, there are points on the planet that connect directly to the Earth’s core, as if they were wires being fed by Gaia; like big pointers stuck in the planet. This is a metaphorical vision for you to understand what these networks are.

Each point of this, interconnects with the other, in a linear way, as you know, connecting one point to another. Imagine that there is a thread connecting one point to another; and all points interconnect, none is left out. If you expand your thoughts you will see that a great grid will form around the planet. And that’s really what happens, it’s the networks that exist around Gaia. And I would say they exist throughout the universe.

Each planet, each orb, connects with another great universal network, with the networks of your galaxy, with the networks of the great Central Sun, and this is where all energy expands. Right now, this great grid around the planet is being charged with a lot of energy. And who generates the energy for this grid? The Crystalline Grid of Earth. Although many think that crystals are just stones that do nothing, crystalline beings are responsible for all the maintenance of this great network on the planet. And today they are in charge of making this network increase its power more and more.

Imagine a device that you have on the surface connected to an outlet. If you don’t plug this appliance into an outlet and it needs electricity, it won’t work properly; for it to work you need to connect it to electricity. I will make a parallel between us. We humans are connected to these networks so that we can receive all the energy needed to maintain our bodies. And no, it doesn’t matter if you are there in the Third Dimension and I am here in the Fifth, this is the primordial source for our existence, because this energy comes from God Father/Mother; so she carries our bodies so that we remain alive.

Very good. And this Crystalline Grid that is being carried and amplified right now affects you as well; to you who are on the surface. Your DNA chain is not fully known to your scientists, they only see one part, because the other part was obscured for you to remain in duality on this planet. With the activation of this great grid of energy around Gaia, it is as if you have been wired to a higher voltage than the voltage that you normally live with. And this voltage is heating up your DNA grid, activating all the other lines.

Soon, very soon, many of you will have the chain fully activated. No longer just 2 tapes, but 12. And this will make you feel, perceive, see everything around you, but not with physical eyes, with the eyes of the soul because your vision beyond the dimension will be activated. And you will be able to transit between dimensions, constantly, without any type of damage.

You may ask us: “So why don’t you move between Fifth and Third to be with us?” Understand this: where do you live today? In the Third Dimension, your bodies are used to it. When moving to the Quinta, their bodies will feel strange, but they will adapt little by little. But the great property of staying on Terceira will continue to exist. Then you will be able to come to the Fifth Dimension, yes, but for a little while, because your bodies will not be ready to receive so much energy in such a short space of time.

And when I say bodies, I mean physical bodies, not astral bodies. Likewise us. Our usual environment is the Fifth Dimension, can we go to the Third? We could, but it would be very exhausting for us, it would be very painful to enter a lower vibration than ours. So we prefer, as I’ve already said, to meet halfway, in the Fourth Dimension, which is halfway for us and halfway for you.

So right now, the activation of these networks around the planet is bringing about the entire evolution of your bodies. And there is no choice. “I want it or I don’t want it”. Everyone is being affected by the transformations. Do not understand that with this all will ascend; I would say that everyone can ascend, if they want to, because ascension does not depend only on a crystalline body, it depends on the heart, it depends on your will, and on your behavior towards what is around you.

I would say to you that right now, this great energy that is on the planet comes from the Crystalline Beings, the Sisterhood of the Rose. So each one of you can make your connection, just a simple stone, small as it may be, but it can be the contact with this great Kingdom. Prepare the stone, and leave it in a place that only you have access to. Say to the stone: “You are my connection with the Crystalline Beings”. Nothing more. Just wait. And every now and then you might look at that rock and something comes to mind. Don’t think it’s silly you asked for a connection and it will happen.

The closer you are to the Crystalline Beings, the more your bodies are ready for the shift. But all this needs to be done with Love and trust. Don’t just do it. Do it from the heart.