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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 12 – by Adama, August 16th, 2023

Adama – Telos II – Chapter 12 – by Adama

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today we are going to comment on Chapter 12 of Book II of Telos. This chapter speaks of our children, of the Love they feel for the children of the surface. Your children today are being subjected to stressful routines, ceasing to be what they are, just children. Parents need to work to survive in your world, so your children are subjected to a routine of competition, learning, responsibility, which many times they are not yet ready to live, they are almost adult routines. This brings very strong imbalances in your children.

For some time now, many children have arrived on this planet, but they are not children in souls, they are intelligent souls, evolved and prepared to help in the transformation of planet Earth. Many today are becoming adults, in adult bodies, but unfortunately many have forgotten their mission, letting themselves be involved by all the attractions on the surface. As I said here, unfortunately, they will not evolve with everything else, many will remain in Terceira for a long time, and in the future they will remember the chance they missed and the unfulfilled agreement they made when they incarnated on planet Earth.

But let’s get back to talking about children. Let your children be children. Let them play with each other. Play, you parents, with your children. Drop your devices and give love, attention and affection to your children. You are examples. If you isolate yourself in front of a device, what will these children understand? The lack of communication, the lack of Love, the lack of dialogue, and they will look for in the same devices what they don’t have, and what they should have: Love and attention.

There is a limit to everything. You can use your devices, yes, but when you are with your children forget about them, it will be their time. Your friends, or supposed friends, will need to understand your choice, that your children are more important than silly and futile talk. This is a problem that is affecting your children a lot. There are no limits for them, because since you don’t pay attention, you shower your children with everything they want. This is not the right way to educate.

Having everything you want in your hands at any time brings serious imbalances, and that child will want more and more, and he will become a rebellious child, highly restless, because he realizes that he can do what he wants to get what he wants too. She learns the power of bargaining, but an unhealthy bargain for her, because she will become an adult exactly the same, who will not understand limits and will always want what she wants, at any price.

Today’s children live within their own lives, create their worlds on devices, and when you parents find out, many times, the thing is already too severe. It’s because? No, it’s no use blaming life out there. You chose to be a parent, so be a parent. Don’t just be those who bring sustenance, bring whatever the child wants. Be loving parents and friends. You need to be your children’s friends, not those they don’t know; because they look for friends and surely find them.

Watch your children. Treat them with energy therapies, don’t stuff them with drugs to keep them quiet. I’ll bring up an example that many will remember: the genie in the lamp. When you rub the lamp, an immense genie comes out, but then it has to return to the lamp, which is so tiny. So see your children today as this genie, in which when they come out of the bulb they find joy, freedom, expansion, but they are forced to stay inside the bulb, because their society demands it. And they stay there, tiny, cornered, sad because they don’t know how to live there inside that lamp, there’s nothing there for them; they want to expand.

So bring this example to what you do with your children. You imprison them in rules, in remedies, in attitudes, to satisfy a society. But they came for expansion, they came for spaciousness, they came to be immense, free and extremely kind. And many cannot understand this world out here, they learn to live inside the light bulb, inside the world itself, because this world out here they do not recognize, do not accept and do not understand; a world without Love, something they carry in excess in their hearts; a world without attention from those who should be paying attention to them, so they withdraw, go inside the lamp.

Then right now you ask yourself, “What’s wrong?” I am not saying here that in these cases the parents are always to blame; no, but if the Love is intense, you will be able to make these children come out of the lamp and many do, for the Love they receive, and begin to realize that the world out here can indeed be a Loving and peaceful world, as they were taught .

So, in this and all situations, love your children. They are not a problem. You chose to have them, and even if you didn’t, you need to love them, but love them the way they know Love, with respect, with dialogue, with affection; not with impositions and rules and shouts, that they don’t understand. Educating is not shouting; educating is not imposing your will. There is an exchange. Ask your child if this is what he wants or are you forcing him to do something you wish he had done? They will be able to answer whether they want it or not, whether it pleases them or not; or are you following a cake recipe imposed by society?

Listen to your children. They have a voice, and today’s kids have a lot of voice. Look at your children not as children, but as wise and evolved souls, and who, incredible as it may seem, can teach you parents a lot. Love your children. Respect your children. And make that Love and that respect an exchange of knowledge and experiences. Do not look at them as inferior because they are small, they may be small in size, but the soul is certainly infinitely greater than yours.