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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 6, August 2nd, 2023


Adama – Telos II – Chapter 6
Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Today we are going to comment on chapter 6 of book II of Telos.

Many wonder why Father/Mother God allows so much suffering? Why does Father/Mother God allow a child to suffer? Why does Father/Mother God allow such atrocity? Why does Father/Mother God allow the Earth to harm so many?

First of all, Father/Mother God did not create any of this. Knowledge still takes a while to reach the minds of the vast majority. And what knowledge would that be? The knowledge of the road taken by each soul, the mistakes made by each soul, and the decisions of each soul. Father/Mother God allowed beings on this planet to experience separation from Him, to choose between connecting to Source or moving away from it; and today this departure from Source has brought each of you to where you are right now.

What is suffering, what is pain? It’s the way you found to demonstrate setbacks, to demonstrate that you don’t accept the path you need to follow. Imbalance attracts disease, attracts suffering. The tortuous paths, addictions, bad food, unbalanced feelings bring more illnesses, bring more pain. And what do you do? They ask themselves every minute: “Why do I go through this? Why was I chosen to have this disease? Why was I chosen for so much suffering?” It is of this knowledge that I speak; the knowledge of the soul’s walk, the knowledge that your soul did not start the walk here and now, it is a very long walk and certainly not all the time within the path of Light.

You all went through the darkness, went through the spells, and caused a lot of pain, caused a lot of suffering, a lot of barbarism, in the name of what was manipulated for you to believe. No one questioned it, did everyone readily accept it? I would say that at that time yes, today many question and why? Because the veils are falling and all these masks of lies that were created regarding the will and designs of Father/Mother God are being revealed. The truths are appearing, but many still do not accept and do not understand, they think they are unloved by God the Father/Mother, they think they are forgotten by him, and they keep asking: “Why do I suffer?”, where the question should be another one: “ What do I need to do to stop suffering? What internal changes do I need to bring about in myself and in the whole, so that I stop suffering?”

You may ask me: “Why in the Whole?”, because you also cause imbalances in the Whole. You don’t live isolated inside a bubble. You exist within the Whole; so the imbalance you cause to yourself, you cause to the Whole. So here in this chapter we speak of the Divine Will of the Blue Ray, the ray of creation, the ray of the beginning, the ray of planning, the ray of El Morya, the ray of Miguel. This is the starting radius. And what is Blue Ray? The application of Divine Will, and what is Divine Will? You accept being the one created by him; you admit that you are a being exactly like Father/Mother God.

You do not accept to hear this. They get it wrong. “How am I going to be equal to Father/Mother God?”. So I explain to you: Father/Mother God is the universe and you are a speck of sand, but you are part of it and if you are part of it you are equal to it. Don’t take it to the field of power and action. You all have the Divine Spark and it is this that makes you gods, exactly like Father/Mother God.

But what do we all choose? Because we too in Lemuria chose to fall out of consciousness, and look where that got us. You too have chosen to experience this fall. Look at your world now. But we can never forget that with all our actions that cause suffering in ourselves and in others, the Light never leaves us; the Light does not forget us; she’s always there trying to get us back on track to get us back on track. This happened to us. We fought a lot and today we are what we are on this planet.

Will you make it? Absolutely yes. Use us as an example. We made it, you will make it, it is enough that each one of you chooses to live the Divine Will. “And what is the Divine Will, that I suffer, that I have problems?” You ask yourself this all the time. And I answer you no; the Divine Will is abundance, health, balance, Love and happiness. But you don’t earn that, because you waste most of your time being ungrateful, complaining, asking, contesting everything that is said.

Remember the following: Look back in time half a century ago; what I’m doing here now was it possible to send a message to you? I could say yes in an infinitely smaller circle, because there were no channels back then. Today how many channels are there on the planet replicating our messages, replicating all the wisdom, and why? Because the time has come for you to wake up. That Father/Mother God desire to make a civilization that could experience free will. now it is coming to an end; that project is at the end, and what does he want? May each of you return to being a Being of Light, loving unconditionally, living in full prosperity, abundance and happiness.

So, I and many others are coming here bringing teachings, bringing ways, bringing techniques so that you can improve your lives and ascend. You get caught up and attached to details. They want to understand every word said, they want to understand every sentence, where what is right to be understood is the energy that is being passed there, is what your heart is feeling in every message passed. But you go on letting the ego speak and when it speaks it makes you doubt, it makes you not understand, because that is the role of the ego; make you suspicious of everything. Where the right thing would be simply for you not to listen.

Ideally in every message we give you would turn the sound down and just let the energy flow; maybe that way you would have less doubts. Because you would be receiving the message with your heart, not your mind. Change is not easy. Don’t think it was easy for us, but today you are getting a lot of help; help comes from all sides, but you go on complaining, you go on questioning, you go on doubting, and every time you do that, you take a step back. And no, don’t tell me you need to question why you’re not puppets.

Questioning is different from not understanding. You read something and you don’t understand; then you ask the heart or ask directly the being who said that phrase, that word, and it will be explained to you. But you don’t put it that way, you question it, because you realize that there is an error there, there is a problem. How long are you going to let the ego speak? Until when will you forget that any doubt has to be asked to us, not to the other. That each time you place a doubt in your hearts and pass it on to the other, that doubt grows, and everyone is enveloped by that energy.

How long are you going to act like this? There are thousands of Beings of Light around that any misunderstanding you can ask, you can ask: “Help me to understand this point”, and I guarantee you will understand. Now, as long as you make a point of putting doubt, questioning, not just for yourself, but for everyone, you are not following the right path.

Learn my brothers, doubt is a bad advisor; not understanding is normal. You didn’t understand, ask for our help, now don’t question it as if it were wrong, and don’t pass your doubt on to the other, keep it for yourself. Do not expand this negative energy to others. Learn to ask us. I think that the vast majority have already realized that we are very close, not a hand’s breadth away, but inside your hearts.

Learn to call us. Learn to ask for our help, not the other’s. This is a point that I could say is one of the most difficult for you, because you were used to asking everything of the other. That connection that you need to increase every day, with all beings is left aside, because you prefer to listen to the other. This is also a learning experience. Is this the Divine Will? No. The Divine Will is for each one of you to become a God, and as such have contact with us all the time, but for this to happen, training is needed, exercise is needed, constancy is needed. And when you exchange that for asking the other, the exercise doesn’t happen.

My brothers, be grateful for everything you are living. Be grateful for every moment of pain and suffering, because they are what lift you up; they are the ones who make you look for mistakes and correct them. Is there no other way for you to learn and who created all this, was it Father/Mother God? No, it wasn’t, it was you for every action you took along this journey. You have already lived many lifetimes and have much to clear. Now they need to learn to let the flow go, to trust, and especially not to count on the other; always count on yourself and the Beings around you.

This is the big lesson. If you are a Divine Spark, you don’t need the other, you don’t need the opinion of the other, you don’t need the criticism of the other, you don’t need the other at all. You have everything within you, just believe in it. And finally, seek the meditation of the Temple of God’s Will in Telos. It is very important that this meditation be done. Do it as many times as you want and you will see the difference every day.